Grabouw Education Programme

SOS Africa's Grabouw Education Programme was established in September 2013 in partnership with Grabouw Primary and High Schools to fund the education and care of disadvantaged children from the Pineview township community.

SOS Africa Grabouw | Children's Charity Education Projects

SOS Africa Grabouw was the charity's first education project in the Western Cape and thanks to the invaluable support of sponsors around the world, it grew to empower the lives of 18 scholarship scheme children and provides learning support to many children with specific learning difficulties.

SOS Africa Grabouw | Children's Charity Education Centre

Pineview and Snake Park Background

The children sponsored by SOS Africa's Grabouw Education Programme live either in Pineview and Snake Park Townships. There are an estimated 60,000 people living in these communities and work is usually seasonal as most employment is found on the surrounding fruit farms. A significant challenge in the area is the high seasonality and the resultant poverty-related issues that this presents. During the fruit picking season, there is a shortage of labour but for the remaining 8 months of the year, unemployment is stated as being 60-70%. The impact of this financial hardship on the community is significant.

SOS Africa | Pineview Township, Grabouw, South Africa

The issues stemming from this seasonal employment severely impacts upon the mental and physical health of these communities; where the off-season results in an increase in domestic and community violence as well as child abuse and other such issues, during “the season” children generally return to empty homes without any parental support and are at their most vulnerable.

SOS Africa | Grabouw, South Africa Education Statistics

SOS Africa Grabouw Education Programme

In January 2014 SOS Africa teamed up with an organisation called ‘Agape’ which had established a number of pre-primary nurseries throughout the Pineview Community focusing on preparing children for school. With the help of Agape, SOS Africa identified a number of children from disadvantaged families who had the potential to thrive academically with the correct support and resources.

 SOS Africa | Children's Charity scholarship sponsorship scheme, Grabouw

Through the SOS Africa Sponsorship Programme these children attend Grabouw Primary and High School where they have the opportunity to reach their full potential. These particular schools provide a high standard of education and offer a positive and caring environment for all students.
SOS Africa | Children's Charity Scholarship Scheme providing nutritious meals each day
In Pineview, most children have nowhere to go to when school finishes at lunchtime. This is a dangerous time when children are at their most vulnerable in the townships and are preyed on by gangs. The SOS Africa children therefore attend the charity's "Dudley Rotary Education Centre" each afternoon where they receive a nutritious lunch, extra tuition, homework assistance and mentor support. Most importantly it provides them with a safe and friendly environment within which they can learn and grow.
SOS Africa | Children's Charity Grabouw Education Programme - Gardening Projects
In addition, SOS Africa's Grabouw Aftercare Programme also provides extra-curricular activities including sports, music lessons, outings and their favourite activity, gardening. Last year, SOS Africa's star rugby player Elvino was even selected to play provincial rugby.
SOS Africa Grabouw | Charity's star rugby player Elvino selected to play provincial rugby
Over the past 6 years our dedicated staff have supported the charity's sponsored children through a personal and holistic education process, tailored to their needs. In January 2018, SOS Africa's oldest child graduated from Grabouw Primary School and began a welding course at Westcliff School of Skills and has aspirations of becoming a deep sea welder. He is a fantastic example to the younger children following closely in his footsteps.
SOS Africa | Trade Skills Courses for children in Grabouw
In January 2021, with many of our children now graduating to Grabouw High School, SOS Africa will sponsor 6 more scholarship scheme children from Agape in Grade 1 and will continue to expand in the near future...
SOS Africa Grabouw | High School Students

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