Learning Support Programme

In January 2017, the SOS Africa Charity opened it's first Learning Support Centre at Somerset Methodist School in the Western Cape, South Africa. The new facility, funded by SOS Africa sponsor Cover and Legal, supports up to 54 children with learning difficulties. Our African education charity hopes to establish similar Learning Support Centre's within schools across the country in an attempt to stem South Africa's alarming school drop-out rate.

SOS Africa Charity Launches its first Learning Support Centre in South Africa

"The Lost 500,000"

In preparation for the opening of the new centre, the SOS Africa Charity staff orchestrated research into the numbers of children in South Africa who are hindered by specific learning difficulties. It quickly became clear that this data, which should be widely available, is virtually non-existent. What we do know is that of the 1,303,016 children starting school in Grade 1 in 2004 only 801,688 from the same year group actually sat their matric exams. This means that the South African school system failed 500,000 students from that year group alone.

SOS Africa Charity's Holistic Education Programme

Establishing Learning Support Centres which work with the Pre-Existing School System

It has become clear that there is very little state-funded support for children with learning difficulties in South Africa. To combat this nation-wide problem, many privately funded institutes have been established to offer support for children outside of the classroom. However, because the SOS Africa Charity seeks to work with, rather than, replace the existing school system we decided to establish Learning Support Centres within school grounds to work with their staff and assist the children falling furthest behind. The SOS Africa Learning Support Centre at the Somerset-West Methodist School represents the first of many centres which will be established within schools across the country.

SOS Africa aims to establish Remedial Education Centre's throughout South Africa

We are currently looking for sponsors to fund individual children to be supported by this new initiative. Learning Support Sponsorship for a child only costs £10 ($13) per month and can be set up via the Sponsor a Child Section of the SOS Africa website. Alternatively please contact us for more information.