Sponsor Yoga Classes

Sponsor Yoga Classes for African Charity Children

The benefits of yoga for children...

  • Increased body awareness as well as knowing how to use their bodies in a healthy way;
  • Stress management through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement;
  • Increased concentration, confidence and positive self-image as well as enjoying part of a healthy, non-competitive environment.

Yoga classes can have a significant impact upon the emotional and physical development of children

We have been running yoga sessions for a trial term and already seen profound changes in the children's behaviour, so we look forward to adding this as a supplement to future SOS Africa Education Programmes, with your help...

Sponsor yoga lessons or donate towards yoga mats for the SOS Africa Charity Children

If you are interested in sponsoring Yoga Lessons or making a donation towards purchase of Yoga Mats for the SOS Africa Children, please Contact SOS Africa today. If requested, this can also be purchased in the form of a Gift Voucher to give as a present.

Information about SOS Africa Yoga Classes can be downloaded by clicking below...

Sponsor Yoga Classes for the SOS Africa Charity children