Sponsor Educational Outings

Sponsor Educational Outings & School Trips for African Charity Children

The Benefits of taking the SOS Africa Charity Children on Educational Outings...

  • To open up their world to new environments and experiences
  • Inspiring interests and hobbies by showing them new possibilities
  • Teaching them to nurture and respect culture and wildlife

Pay for an SOS Africa Charity Child to go on Education Outings & School Trips

We have taken the children on a couple of outings to date including recent trips to Monkey World and Gordon's Bay Beach. These few tips had a significant impact on the SOS Africa children and opened their eyes to new surroundings. With your help, we look forward to taking them to visit new places, people and animals in the near future.

Sponsor an educational outing or a school trip for a child in Africa

If you are interested in sponsoring or donating towards an Educational Outing please Contact SOS Africa today. If requested, this can also be purchased in the form of a Gift Voucher to give as a present.

Information about SOS Africa Aftercare Centre Outings can be downloaded by clicking below...

 Educational Outing or School Trip Sponsorship for a Child in Africa