Somerset West Education Programme

SOS Africa's Somerset West Education Programme established in early 2017, funds the education and care of underprivileged children from the Lwandle/Nomzamo Townships. This, the charity's most recent initiative, has began by supporting the education and care of 14 children and hopes to expand to support many more children from this region over the next few years.

SOS Africa | Somerset West Charity Education and Learning Support Centre

Lwandle/Nomzamo Information

Lwandle and Nomzamo are township dwellings based in the Helderberg Basin. The settlements were originally established during the Apartheid era to accommodate single male workers, but have since expanded into family homes at a rapid rate. The population of the Nomzamo Township alone stands at over 60,000.

SOS Africa | Nomzamo Township Education Statistics

Due to its high population density and reliance upon seasonal work, many of the Nomzamo households are heavily reliant upon social welfare with no other sources of sustainable income available. Education is also problematic; there are only a limited number of places available in mainstream schooling for children living in this region. Furthermore, many of these children are surrounded by poverty, gang violence and abuse in their every day lives.

Somerset-West Education Programme

SOS Africa Western Cape recently partnered up with Somerset West Methodist School. The school has between 850-900 pupils attending from Grades 1 – 7. The teachers have a wonderful attitude when it comes to giving the children the best they can in terms of education. 

SOS Africa | Education charity partnership with Somerset-West Methodist School

The school is very popular because of its ability to offer English classes as well as Afrikaans. This caters for many of the Xhosa families whose second language is English. We are very excited to be partnering with the school as we feel there is so much that we can do to support them and they have welcomed us with open arms.

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