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Dudley Rotary Club Funds the Construction of New SOS Africa Education Centre in Grabouw, South Africa

25 Apr 2018

The SOS Africa Charity embarks on its first Education Centre Building Project fully-funded by Dudley Rotary Club. The new multi-functional facility will be located at Grabouw, South Africa:

Four years ago, SOS Africa launched its first education programme at Grabouw Primary & High School in the Western Cape. From that moment, our Grabouw Education Programme grew to empower the lives of many children from the region through education. However, whilst our staff and children continue to thrive, our Education Centre has repeatedly been victim to vandalism and theft; based on the outer perimeter of the campus, it has become impossible for us to safely store learning resources, materials and furniture within the centre.

SOS Africa Charity's current Education Center at Grabouw Primary & High SchoolSOS Africa's Current Education Centre at Grabouw Primary & High School

Last October we were approached by Grabouw Primary & High School with a possible solution; relocating our Education Centre to a new, completely secure site, based within a currently unused courtyard at the centre of the school. It quickly became apparent that this new fantastic location would be the ideal site for a brand-new education facility, tailored to the requirements of our education programme and its beneficiaries. The next challenge was to find the funding required for such an ambitious project…

Dudley Rotary Club Members have agreed to fully-fund SOS Africa's first Education Center Building ProjectSponsors of SOS Africa's first Education Center Building Project, Dudley Rotary Club

Already a loyal SOS Africa child sponsor, last November, Dudley Rotary Club International Committee Representative Alan Black approached SOS Africa to enquire about making a considerable donation towards a legacy project which would make a lasting difference. After discussing the need for a new education facility in Grabouw, before long a proposal was drafted, presentations to the club members carried out and a vote held. Earlier this year we were delighted to receive the full backing of Dudley Rotary Club and have already been presented with the full funding required to design and build our exciting new “Dudley Rotary Club Education Centre” later this year:

“The members of Dudley Rotary Club are inspired by and delighted to support the design and construction of SOS Africa’s new Education Center in Grabouw” Dudley Rotary Club President Ray Glazzard.

The Dudley Rotary Club Education Centre has been designed by Claudia Titley"The Dudley Rotary Club Education Center" has been designed by Claudia Titley

Inspired by this incredible opportunity and the long-term impact it will make, SOS Africa Designer Claudia Titley, immediately embarked on the design process working in close consultation with the charity’s Western Cape Director Anna Lusty and her staff:

"This is a wonderful opportunity for SOS Africa to design a space fit for purpose, whilst still maintaining a flexible layout for future development. Usually pre-fab classroom spaces that are available are not well designed to adapt with the local climate or have sufficient natural light. We have created a beautiful classroom with the help of brilliant local timber frame company, Creative Condos” Education Centre Designer, Claudia Titley.

The new location of SOS Africa's Grabouw Education ProgrammeThe location of the new Education Centre at Grabouw Primary & High School, Grabouw

“Timber frame buildings have so many benefits; as a sustainable material, a more natural finish and in our case quicker and easier to build in locations difficult to access. The remaining building waste is next to nothing as it's easily reusable to build furniture or even left to biodegrade. We have invested in installing extra insulation to maintain a more comfortable temperature throughout the year. The windows have been carefully placed in areas to let in optimum lighting but restricted direct sunlight, avoiding over-heating.”

South African company Creative Condos will build the new Education CenterThe construction process will be carried out by Creative Condos

The new multi-functional education facility has been designed to facilitate all aspects of our education programme, including:

  1. Large Classroom: Creative Learning Classes, Learning Support and Homework
  2. Office Space: Quiet & Secure Office / Food Preparation Area
  3. Library: A Fully-Resourced & Secure Library / A Private Counselling Room
  4. Veranda: Outside Teaching Area / Outdoor Activities
  5. Courtyard/Gardens: Outdoor Activities / 16 Raised Beds for Gardening Activities

“This single building has been designed to offer five different spaces with at least two functions per space. We are most looking forward to utilising the Library / Counselling space and look forward to this providing a sanctuary to the children either as a place to get lost in another World through a book or find refuge from their troubles with support and guidance from our counsellor."

SOS Africa would like to thank Grabouw Primary & High School and Dudley Rotary Club for this fantastic opportunity and Creative Condos, BY Design & Architecture and PENTECH4 Consulting Engineers for helping us make it happen. 

Click here for daily photos & updates on the construction of the Dudley Rotary Club Education Centre.


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