SOS Africa Child Sponsor Feedback

Since its creation in 2003, the SOS Africa Charity owes much to the loyal support of its child sponsors throughout the UK and around the world. In return for their kind donations, SOS Africa offers each of these individuals and groups regular updates and communication with the children they support; typified by the new 'SOS Africa Children's Blog.'

SOS Africa child sponsors receive regular progress reports   Slade began sponsoring Thato in 2011   Sponsors can also see their children's work on the new SOS Africa Children's Blog

Recently we asked some of our sponsors if they would mind providing feedback on SOS Africa's sponsorship process. Some of these responses are presented here:

Steve Baston, Luxembourg (child sponsor since 2013)

"I am extremely happy with the sponsorship process, a feel of direct involvement is very important to me. I really appreciate the pictures and feedback; he has a lovely smile. I keep all the pictures." 

Bettina Otterbeck, Australia (child sponsor since 2012)

"SOS gives me an opportunity to contribute directly to the education of a child, in the hope that these kids will grow up empowered to help many others."

"I am so happy that I found SOS where I can be certain that 100% of my contribution goes directly to an actual child, who I can contact and watch grow - rather than to pay for the flashy luxury car of some self-serving middle manager in an oversized 'aid organisation.'"

Ashley De Safrin, United Kingdom (child sponsor since 2010)

"We are delighted to be sponsors of SOS Africa. I am trustee for a very large UK charity but we also chose to support a small charity where the results are very tangible. We have a great deal of empathy with and experience of South Africa.  We are therefore proud to sponsor a young girl whose schooling will allow her to contribute to the future of this wonderful country. This would be thanks to SOS Africa."

Ashley Meredith, United Kingdom (child sponsor since 2010)

"Knowing that my monthly donation helps provide a great education & start in life for a child 5,000 miles away is life-affirming."

'Education is the passport to success & no child should be left behind, I am delighted that my small donation helps to contribute to this fantastic cause'.

'Sponsoring a child has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Visiting South Africa and witnessing SOS Africa's work first hand and the difference our donations make, was overwhelming'.

Edward Briggs, United Kingdom (child sponsor since 2009)

"It is the best investment you can make - a young person's future.  I love to hear about my sponsored child's progress.  It’s like supporting a football team, it is a real thrill to get news about their successes, no matter how little."

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