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Learning from Nature

15 Oct 2017

"Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher." William Wordsworth 

Learning from Nature is vital for a child's growth and understanding of the world. There are so many ways to make this really fun too. Last week our Western Cape Aftercare Centre staff organised a Nature Hunt activity for the SOS Africa Children. 
"In the beginning we separated the class into groups and gave each team a piece of paper with a note of which items from nature they must collect. They then embarked on a nature hunt across the school grounds for these items...

Blog - Nature 1.JPG

Blog - Nature 2.JPG

When they returned we asked them to study what they had gathered, separate their findings into different groups and assemble them into a display. What they created was a beautiful circular nature collage.

Blog - Nature 3.JPG

Blog - Nature 4.JPG

When the activity was complete, we saved many of the items for future craft activities. Some of the children took their findings home to show their parents. The children loved the nature hunt and created a beautiful collage to display their findings. It was a great way for them to learn about nature and appreciate their school's beautiful surroundings."

Blog - Nature 5.JPG

You can follow our Pinterest board to see some pictures of things we've done at Aftercare, things we plan to do and things you've done to inspire us. Please send us more ideas if you have any... 

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