Sponsor Counselling for Children

Counselling Sessions for South African Charity Children

The Benefits of Counselling for African Children

It has become increasingly evident that some of the children supported by the SOS Africa Charity Education Programmes require professional counselling. This additional support will help them deal with mental health issues including depression, anxiety and conduct disorder.

A Counsellor or Clinical Psychologist can assess and treat children with behavioural problems or emotional difficulties that effect their social skills and friendships (including ADHD / ADD or forms of autism). They assess situations where children may be struggling with difficult circumstances at home, such as divorce, alcoholism or abuse.

Sponsor counselling for a South African Township Children

Sponsor counselling sessions for an SOS Africa Charity childUnfortunately, we cannot control the situations faced by our children when they are not in our care. However, we can help them deal stresses which result from these traumatic experiences. 

If you would like to sponsor a counselling session or counselling programme for an SOS Africa Child, please contact SOS Africa today.

Information about Counselling Sponsorship can be downloaded by clicking below...

Occupational Therapy Sponsorship for African Charity children