SOS Africa Charity and School Fundraising Partnership Scheme

Is your school looking to form a fundraising partnership with an African education charity? SOS Africa Charity has developed a School Fundraising Partnership Scheme which can benefit students from your school and the children supported in South Africa. Interactive charity partnerships for schools can instil philanthropic values among students and an appreciation for the educational opportunities available to them, whilst empowering children in South Africa through education.

SOS Africa Charity School Fundraising Partnership/Link Scheme

This fundraising partnership can be tailored to the needs of both the school and the child/children supported by SOS Africa. Whilst the children in our care receive a holistic education package the sponsoring schools can receive regular progress reports, updates and photos albums, can participate in joint creative learning projects and can communicate directly via a pen pal scheme. Some school sponsors even decide to arrange school trips to visit the child they are supporting.

SOS Africa Charity School Sponsorship Scheme

 Click to Download: School Sponsorship Scheme Poster.pdf

The Maynard School in Exeter joined the SOS Africa School Fundraising Partnership Scheme earlier this year and have sponsored the education and care of Raynick in Grabouw, South Africa. After carrying out a number of student-led school fundraising activities, during a school netball tour, staff and students from The Maynard School visited Raynick at SOS Africa's Grabouw Education Centre. It was a wonderful experience for them to see the incredible impact they have made on Raynick's life.

SOS Africa School Charity Sponsorship Scheme: The Maynard School in Exeter Sponsor the Education of RaynickThe Maynard School in Exeter joined the SOS Africa School Sponsorship Scheme in 2018

Moseley Primary School, in Coventry became part of SOS Africa’s School Fundraising Partnership Scheme in December 2014 and began sponsoring the education and care of Benicia and Nathan in the Western Cape, South Africa. Since then, their staff and pupils have received regular progress updates and photo albums. We have also posted some of Nathan and Benicia’s work for them to view on the SOS Africa Children’s Blog. They were so pleased with these updates that they have dedicated a noticeboard within their school to exhibit Nathan and Benecia’s progress. 

 If your school would like to join our School Fundraising Partnership Scheme please contact us so that we can develop a fundraising partnership which works for your school.