Porta Romana Education Centre Building Project

Luxury furniture and lighting company Porta Romana sponsor new SOS Africa Education Centre at Elgin, South Africa

As part of their 30th Birthday celebrations, luxury lighting and furniture company, Porta Romana have announced an exciting new partnership with the SOS Africa Children's Charity. Their ambition is to fully-fund the construction of an Education Centre which will provide a holistic education programme to underprivileged children attending St Michael's Primary School, on Ouderbrug Farm, Elgin. To achieve this they need to raise £30,000 throughout 2018 and would greatly appreciate your help...

Porta Romana Auctions Lamps Created by Five Leading Artists & Designers to raise funds for SOS Africa Education Centre Build

Porta Romana Staff Sky Dive for SOS Africa  Porta Romana Staff London Parks Half Marathon for SOS Africa 

 St Michael's Primary School Background

St Michaels is situated on Ouderbrug Farm, Grabouw. It originated as a church school to provide basic education for the farm worker’s children. St Michael's was established as a government school in the 1980’s and opened its doors to the wider community of Pineview, Grabouw in 2010. The school currently offers schooling from Grade R (pre-school) to Grade 6.

St Michael's School, Grabouw

Although it has many strengths including a progressive Principal and a safe campus, St Michael's School faces many challenges. In many instances, parents of children attending the school are fruit pickers reliant upon seasonal work which impacts on school attendance, parental responsibility and financial stability. Many of the children also require counselling and life skills support due to challenging backgrounds and social issues. The school itself also struggles with limited funding, large class sizes and a high drop-out rate in Grade 4. The school is also in desperate need of a Learning Support Centre.

The Solution: "The Porta Romana Education Centre"

Porta Romana - Design.jpg

SOS Africa and Porta Romana have joined forces to fund and build The Porta Romana Education Centre at St Michael's School in January 2019. The new facility aims to:

  • Introduce a sponsorship programme to develop and motivate children with potential.
  • Offer a Learning Support Programme to individuals and groups that are struggling in the current system and thereby reduce drop-out rates.
  • Build a stronger language and literacy programme within the school enabling more children to flourish.
  • Offer and develop holiday programmes focusing on ‘life and resilience skills’.
  • Develop a lending library for the school.
  • Provide counselling for the school children.

Porta Romana Fundraising Progress...