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Conquering Kilimanjaro for SOS Africa Charity

02 Nov 2017

Jesel and Jaimin Conquer Kilimanjaro for SOS Africa

Jesel and Jaimin have a great passion for travelling and nature. Their thirst for adventure started back in 2012 when they tackled the breath-taking Machu Picchu, Peru. Ever since, they have longed for another challenge. Back in April they contacted SOS Africa to tell us about their next big adventure, a climb to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Standing at a lofty 5895m high, Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa. They decided to do this, not only as a personal accomplishment, but to also to raise funds for the SOS Africa children and African wildlife charity Tusk. With their fundraising target set at an incredible £2500 for each charity, in months which followed the audacious pair kept us regularly updated with their fundraising endeavours and preparations, as the final count down to the big climb began…

After wishing them well before they embarked on their journey, we eagerly awaited news of their progress and were delighted to receive the following email from Jaimin:

“You'll be pleased to hear that the climb was a huge success!! Albeit extremely difficult, Jesel and I both made it safely to Uhuru peak at about 7:30am on 6th October, and then safely back down the mountain. The journey was such an incredible experience, one which will stay with us forever. The views /sunsets / sunrises are some of the best we have ever seen, and just being above the clouds was truly breath-taking. The highlights for us were Barranco Wall, Lava Tower and of course summit night, which in itself presented us with such a huge range of emotions. 

Reaching the Summit of Kilimanjaro to raise funds for SOS AfricaNews - Kili3.jpg

More importantly, we were delighted that we were able to surpass our £5000 fundraising target! Our aim right at the start was to really help some of the children who are not as fortunate as us, and they were in our minds spurring us on during the difficult periods.

We would also like to thank you for your kind words of encouragement over the past few months. I'm sure that we will be in touch again in the future, perhaps on our next adventure. All the best going forward, we really appreciate what you are doing, and we are glad to have helped.”

Jesel and Jaimin Climb Kilimanjaro and raise £2250 for the SOS Africa Charity Children

On behalf of the SOS Africa Staff and Children we would like to congratulate Jesel and Jaimin for their inspirational achievement and thank them and their generous sponsors for the invaluable funds they have raised along the way.

Inspired by Jesel and Jaimin's Kili Climb? Why not organise your own fundraising event?

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