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A New Benchmark Set: Kayaking around Mauritius for SOS Africa

22 Apr 2013

Kayaking around Mauritius for SOS Africa

Since 2003, many wild and wonderful fundraising feats have been achieved by individuals and groups from different walks of life, all united by one goal; to empower underprivileged children through education. Each time these incredible challenges are successfully completed, we sure that an impassable benchmark of skill and bravery has been reached.

Last December, one of SOS Africa’s most committed volunteers, came to us with a fundraising challenge which surely surpasses any benchmarks previously set. For the past few years Claudia Titley has devoted much of her precious time towards the development of SOS Africa in the UK, including founding a university society, organising many fundraising events and carrying out much of the charity’s graphic design work.

Currently on an Architecture placement on the beautiful island of Mauritius, rather than take a much deserved sabbatical from her altruistic endeavours, Claudia has decided to circumnavigate the entire island in a Kayak in just 8 days. In order to tackle this colossal task and to maintain a required average distance of 25km per day, Claudia has sought the assistance of Kayaking expert Patrick Haberland from ‘Yemaya Adventures’ ( Having founded the company in 2000, enabling residents and tourists alike to experience the islands greatest beauties, Patrick will accompany Claudia throughout the trip to support her and guarantee her safety.

Kayaking around Mauritius for SOS Africa

With the venture now only days away, with the help of friends, family and the charity’s loyal supporters Claudia hopes to raise enough funds to enable SOS Africa to carry out the research and design required to begin constructing its first permanent Aftercare Centre in South Africa. If successful this could mark the start of a project which could empower the lives of many deserving children. “Not only will I have the privilege to view this beautiful island that I have come to love, from the water, but I will do it for a charity that I have worked with for 4 years… a charity very dear to my heart… a charity with big dreams and great courage and determination to fulfil them.”

If you would like find out more about Claudia’s challenge and keep track of her progress, you can view her blog or join her Facebook Group.

To sponsor Claudia and help lay the foundations for this very worthy project visit:

Claudia with the SOS Africa Children

We would like to thank Claudia for her invaluable commitment and devotion to SOS Africa and our cause and wish her and Patrick the best of luck; SOS Africa’s volunteers and children will be behind you all the way!!

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  1. Johanna Pienaar@ 15/05/2013 @ 16:01

    Comment: Claudia, I think you are very brave. The best of luck and may all go well!!

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