Minecraft Icons Host 2nd Livestream Fundraising Event for SOS Africa

Minecraft Icons Host 2nd Livestream Fundraising Event for SOS Africa

Exactly a year on from the most successful fundraiser in the charity’s history, Hermitcraft legends Rendog and Grian return to host another action-packed Livestream Minecraft Fundraising Event in aid of SOS Africa. In May 2020, with the help of thousands of fellow-minecrafters, the philanthropic pair raised over £80,000 for SOS Africa’s COVID19 Food Relief Appeal.

Rendog and Grian's 2020 livestream fundraising event funded food relief for hundreds of thousands throughout the pandemic

Watch the Hermitcraft Livestream Fundraising Event from 8pm (BST)

Taking place on 1st May at 8pm, this year Rendog and Grian will be joined by fellow Minecraft icons Scar and Bdubs. It is anticipated that the event will draw gamers from across the globe and aims to raise vital funds for immediate COVID relief during the upcoming winter months, and for the development of a new holistic education centre based in South Africa. This ambitious project will seek to incorporate 3 fundamental provisions to help alleviate poverty, the effects of COVID-19 and foster long-term empowerment in South Africa: education, nutrition and training.

How to Donate...

There are many ways in which you can donate including...

  • Via the Event JustGiving Page where you can also track the Event Fundraising Total.
  • Via our online donation platforms...

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Event Fundraising Targets...

Target 1: Catering Kitchen (£15,000)

With winter fast approaching, a 3rd wave of COVID-19 is expected to hit South Africa within the next few months. In response, the fundraising event will first seek to raise £15,000 to enable us to fully-renovate a pre-existing kitchen to enable a full-time chef to cook enough meals for all the SOS Africa children and our local feeding schemes. The kitchen will also facilitate cookery classes for the children and training as part of our adult education programmes. If achieved, this will provide a more sustainable solution to lockdown food shortages...

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Target 2: Classroom Building Project (£40,000)

After obtaining land in a central location, SOS Africa is now looking to build and equip its first off-grid education centre, complete with a large fully-resourced classroom and 2 tutor rooms. The bespoke building will be completely powered by renewable energy and will facilitate adult learning classes during the mornings and after-school tuition for high school students in the afternoons. The tutor rooms will be used for one-on-one learning and counselling sessions when required. This exciting new facility will education adults and children for generations...

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Target 3: Edible Garden (£20,000)

Encouraging healthy eating is at the forefront of SOS Africa's education programmes - only by eating well, can children develop and fulfil their true potential. Understanding the importance of a balanced diet begins by learning exactly how healthy foods are grown. SOS Africa's edible garden will teach both adult and child learners how to grow organic vegetables throughout the year. This seasonal produce will then be used by SOS Africa's new catering kitchen and ultimately provide delicious and nutritious meals for our children and the surrounding communities all year round...

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Target 4: Additional Learning Spaces (£20,000)

One of the main objectives of SOS Africa's holistic education programmes is to identify a skill or interest which inspires each and every one of the children in our care. We understand that classroom learning is not for every child, but supplementing traditional learning with extra-curricular activities can inspire children to succeed in all aspects of their education. The new site and pre-existing buildings have enough space for an outdoor activity space, a workshop, a music room and primary school aftercare classroom. As you can see, these additional learning spaces can facilitate a wide array of activities for the SOS Africa children... We can't wait to get started!

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Target 5: Children's Bedroom (£5,000)

Last but, by no means least, we would love to be able to provide a safe, relaxing and fun bedroom space to accommodate the SOS Africa children on site. Supervised movie night sleep-over parties can be used as incentives to reward the SOS Africa children for good behaviour and hard work. The children's bedroom would also be available to provide respite for SOS Africa children who need to time away from challenging personal circumstances...

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For more information about the event, fundraising targets or our organisation, please do not hesitate to contact SOS Africa Founder/CEO Matt Crowcombe: [email protected].

The SOS Africa staff and trustees would like to thank Rendog, Grian, Scar and Bdubs for hosting the event and all of their fans and fellow Minecrafters for supporting the work of our organisation!