Corporate Charitable Giving: SOS Africa Business Charity Partnerships

It is increasingly believed that modern-day companies have a responsibility to be good corporate citizens and where possible, help communities less fortunate than themselves by forming business charity partnerships. The charitable donations made by businesses undoubtedly deliver an invaluable source of income for the non-profit sector. However, it is our belief that the corporate charitable giving which results from this social conscience should not go unrewarded and that businesses themselves can and should benefit from the process. SOS Africa has developed 3 corporate sponsorship packages which can be tailored to the needs of your company whilst benefiting the children we support…

Corporate Child Sponsorship

The most popular form of corporate charity sponsorship, since 2003 businesses from across the world have chosen to sponsor the education of South African children through SOS Africa. Sponsoring a child through SOS Africa is mutually beneficial for both the child sponsored and the business sponsor.

Corporate Charitable Giving: SOS Africa Business Charity Partnerships | Sponsoring Education of Children

The sponsored child receives:

  • A high standard of education at an SOS Africa partnering school each morning.
  • Holistic education and care at an SOS Africa Education Centre every afternoon.
  • Stationary, school uniform and transportation to and from school.

The corporate child sponsor receives:

  • A sponsorship scheme tailored to the preference of the business and its staff.
  • Regular updates for employees and clients including school reports, photo albums etc.
  • Regular correspondence by email and the opportunity to visit and meet the child.
  • Publicity via the SOS Africa website and social media platforms.

New Generation Ski School have sponsored an SOS Africa child since 2018:

“We have been sponsoring a child through SOS Africa for the past 3 years now and we love getting the updates on how she's getting on and her progress through the support of SOS Africa. The team are very helpful and even helped to organise a visit to the School in Grabouw when one of our team members was in South Africa. Their work and communication are greatly appreciated, and it feels very special to be a part of the SOS Africa Family!” [Amy Twigge, New Generation Ski School]

JooMo Skincare Ltd have sponsored SOS Africa children since August 2012:

“We are so glad we found SOS Africa – it’s a privilege to have been able to play a part in a child’s education, and so exciting to get regular updates about the progress and activities of all these amazing young people.” [Linda Russell, JoMoo Ltd]

Corporate Holistic Education Sponsorship

Alternatively, corporate charity sponsors may wish to donate towards a specific element of the holistic education provided by SOS Africa to children from disadvantaged communities. These corporate charity sponsors often decide to fund services more in line with those provided by their own businesses. For example, schools sponsoring education services, sports clubs sponsoring sporting activities, health & welfare providers sponsoring health & welfare services.

Corporate Charitable Giving: SOS Africa Business Charity Partnerships | Sponsorship of Holistic Education Programmes

The SOS Africa children receive:

  • Funding for holistic education programmes including educational support, extra-curricular activities and health & wellbeing services.
  • These holistic education services play a key role in the overall confidence and development of the SOS Africa children.

The corporate sponsor receives:

  • A full proposal and budget demonstrating how the sponsorship will be invested.
  • Regular feedback and updates for employees and clients including reports and photos albums which demonstrate the impact of the services funded.
  • Publicity via the SOS Africa website and social media platforms.

Swiss-based dental hygiene company RoseBlanc began funding dental treatment for the SOS Africa children in January 2021:

"We’re delighted to be supporting SOS Africa with their dental work in South Africa’s township communities. Many of us take for granted the difference that good dental hygiene can make not only to our health, but our self-esteem. We hope that our contribution can help to give these children another reason to smile." [The RoseBlanc Team]

Corporate Sponsorship of Charity Building Projects

For prospective corporate charity sponsors who wish to provide a larger investment, which will have a long-term impact upon generations of SOS Africa children, investing in charity building projects might be more appealing. This has been a popular option for many recent business sponsors who have left a lasting legacy upon our South African education programmes.

Corporate Sponsorship of Charity Building Project in Africa

The charity receives:

  • A new bespoke building which will serve as the home for an SOS Africa education programme.
  • All of the resources required to facilitate holistic education programmes.

The corporate child sponsor receives:

  • A full building project proposal and budget.
  • Regular communication and updates throughout the construction process.
  • Involvement of staff and clients in the decoration and resourcing of the building.
  • Marketing opportunities throughout the process, including the naming of the building.
  • Regular communication and updates after successful completion of the building project demonstrating the long-term impact made upon SOS Africa’s Education Programmes.
  • Visiting the building to experience its functionality and impact first-hand.

Luxury furniture and lighting company Porta Romana, fully-funded the construction and resourcing of SOS Africa’s largest building project to date, the Porta Romana Education Centre at St Michael’s School, Elgin:

“We chose to support SOS Africa because we were so impressed by the work that Matt and Claudia do, to make lasting change to the lives of very deprived children and communities in South Africa. After a year of dedicated fundraising, we were excited about building our Education Centre, a project that so well represents our love of making and creating. We have worked together as a team to raise the funds for the build, each department at Porta Romana has been involved and embraced the challenge to reach our goal. It was a huge privilege to join the building team in South Africa, meet the children and help create a welcoming and nurturing environment for them to learn in.” [Ali Milam, Porta Romana]

Dudley Rotary Club funded SOS Africa’s first education centre building project at Grabouw High School in 2019:

“The members of Dudley Rotary Club were pleased to support the design and construction of SOS Africa’s new Education Center in Grabouw. We are absolutely delighted with the completed building which we recently visited. What a welcome we had, not only from SOS Africa, but also from the Governors and the Headmaster. It made us feel privileged to be part of furthering the educational aspirations of the children in that community.” [Alan Black, Dudley Rotary Club]

If your business is interested in becoming SOS Africa's next corporate sponsor, please email SOS Africa CEO/Founder Matt Crowcombe: [email protected].