Would your business like to join our Corporate Charitable Giving Scheme?

It is increasingly believed that modern-day companies have a responsibility to be good corporate citizens and where possible, help communities less fortunate than themselves. The charitable donations made by businesses undoubtedly deliver an invaluable source of income for the non-profit sector. However, it is our belief that the corporate charitable giving which results from this social conscience should not go unrewarded and that businesses themselves can and should benefit from the process. SOS Africa has therefore developed a business sponsorship scheme which can be tailored to the needs of your company whilst benefiting the children we support…

Business Spon - Child Receives.jpg

Business Spon - Business Receives.jpg

 Download PDF version of this poster: Business Sponsorship Scheme Poster.pdf

Corporate Child Sponsorship

JooMo Ltd contacted SOS Africa to offer their support in August 2012. They were on the cusp of launching a 100% natural face wash product and wanted to empower an African child through education simultaneously. After working closely with SOS Africa on a marketing strategy, in September they launched their product and donated 50p to SOS Africa for each tube sold. Nearly 3 years on, their product is selling well and they have been singlehandedly responsible for the education of SOS Africa’s Nthabiseng.

JooMo Ltd joined SOS Africa's Business Sponsorship Scheme in 2012     Nthabiseng has been empowered through education by JooMo Ltd since 2012        20 SOS Africa Children will benefit from business/charity partnership formed by Kreate and SOS Africa   

Employee Sponsor Scheme

The CEO of London based experiential agency, Kreate contacted SOS Africa in November 2014. To celebrate the company’s 20th birthday, they wanted to establish an Employee Benefit Scheme whereby Kreate would fund the education of 20 SOS Africa children on behalf of their 20 staff. Consequently, each staff member would receive regular updates on the progress of child being supported.

Monthly Business Donations

In July 2012 SOS Africa embarked on a fundraising partnership with locally based recruitment company, Roadhogs. In this instance, they generously agreed that for all of the hours of relief work provided by Roadhogs to pig farmers across Somerset, a percentage donation would be made to SOS Africa on a monthly basis. This contribution has enabled SOS Africa to further increase the numbers of children supported by its education programme.

Roadhogs became part of SOS Africa Business Sponsorship Scheme in 2012                   Ethical Clothing Company “Just No Logo” Launches Fundraising Campaign to Support SOS Africa

In recent months, SOS Africa was contacted by US based ethical clothing company “Just No Logo” and asked if we could develop a specific sponsorship package enabling them to contribute towards the school clothing of our children in South Africa. Within a few weeks the “Raise the Ordinary to Extraordinary” campaign was launched to promote a new line of “Just No Logo” clothing and invaluable funds have already been raised for the charity’s clothing budget.

Current Charity Projects Requiring Sponsorship

SOS Africa's Education Centre's provide holistic support to struggling schools and underprivileged children throughout South Africa

SOS Africa is currently looking for corporate sponsorship to enable us to construct and resource new education centres across South Africa. This would make a fantastic corporate sponsorship package for potential business sponsors who are looking to make a long-term impact and receive regular updates for marketing purposes. For more information, click here.

As each of the above examples demonstrate, SOS Africa’s hands-on, personal approach to fundraising enables us to tailor specific business sponsorship schemes to meet the demands of potential corporate sponsors. If your business is looking to support a charity as part of an effective marketing initiative, contact us to discuss your business's sponsorship preference.