Coronavirus (COVID-19) Emergency Food Appeal - South Africa

Coronavirus Emergency Children's Charity Food Appeal | COVID-19 South Africa

In response to the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19), in April 2020 SOS Africa Charity launched the Emergency Food Relief Appeal to provide vital support to disadvantaged South African communities severely affected by the virus. What begin as a small grassroots project established to support the families of the SOS Africa children, quickly grew to support thousands of struggling individuals and groups across the Western Cape, South Africa.

Disadvantaged communities assisted by SOS Africa's Coronavirus Appeal Soup Kitchens in Grabouw, South Africa

As the virus infection rate rapidly escalates and the demand for this vital support increases across South Africa, we are continually overwhelmed by the generosity of our appeal sponsors. To date, the appeal has raised in excess of £210,000 providing vital support where it is needed the most.

Emergency Food Appeal Support:

Food and supplies provided by SOS Africa's Coronavirus Emergency Food Appeal to Soup Kitchens in the Western Cape, South Africa

SOS Africa’s Emergency Food Appeal funds the following:

  1. Food Relief Packages: SOS Africa currently provides monthly packages to struggling families across the Western Cape. These packages contain food and household supplies and are a lifeline to starving families from disadvantaged communities. With the help of our partnering organisations, we have already distributed thousands of food packages and will continue to do so until the virus subsides.

Emergency food parcels distributed to foster homes by SOS Africa's Coronavirus Appeal

  1. Soup Kitchen Partnerships: SOS Africa organises and partners with organisations who run daily soup kitchens throughout the poorest communities. They provide daily hot meals to individuals who are literally starving and without any access to food or water. As the virus reaches its peak in South Africa, the demand for these soup kitchens is huge and their recipients are so grateful for the support.

South African children supported by SOS Africa's Coronavirus Emergency Food Appeal

With your support, these vital services will have reached literally hundreds of thousands of people by the end of 2021. Every initiative is closely monitored by our organisation and donations to partnering food kitchens are in the form of food and supplies delivered directly by our staff.

Donating to SOS Africa’s Emergency Food Relief Appeal:

Donate to SOS Africa's Coronavirus Emergency Food Appeal | Support COVID-19 Charity Relief Projects

For as little as £10, we can provide food and household supplies for the family of an SOS Africa child for a week. For £60, we can fund a Soup Kitchen to provide a hot meal and fruit for up to 280 people.

To support our appeal, you can donate via JustGiving using this link:

Or directly to SOS Africa’s UK Account: 

Account Name: SOS Africa

Account Number: 40001589

Sort Code: 40-15-38

If you require more information about SOS Africa's Coronavirus Emergency Food Relief Appeal please email [email protected].

SOS Africa Coronavirus Emergency Food Relief Appeal | COVID-19 Support South Africa

Photo Credit: Helena Krige (Yeah Yeah Photography)

Thank you for your support!