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Welcome to the SOS Africa Charity News Section. Our volunteers will keep this page regularly updated with non-profit news and developments from our African charity. Updates will also be posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages and posts from the SOS Africa Children are frequently uploaded to the 'SOS Africa Children's Blog.' If you have any questions about our African education charity or would like to get more involved, please don't hesitate to contact us...

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    Fundraising Successes Enable SOS Africa to Expand Support to the Western Cape 13.Nov.2013

    It all began as a small initiative aimed at making a big difference to the life of a young African child with big dreams but few opportunities. Little did we know that the seeds sown...

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    Great Masterbake-off Event Provides New Laptops for SOS Africa Charity Children 23.Oct.2013

        The first ever SPECIFIC Great Masterbake-off contest took place during July 2013; throughout the course of the month 20 bakers brought their own baked goods to...

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    300 Conquer Cranmore Tower Zip Wire Challenge for SOS Africa! 23.Sep.2013

    From the 'Zipping Zebras' and the 'Mendip Meerkats' to the 'Barratt Baboons' and the 'Bam Bootie Warriors,' for the first time ever, across two action-packed weekends in September,...

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    Swansea and Bangor University Scientists Catch the Light with the SOS Africa Charity Children 23.Aug.2013

    Over the next few weeks, scientists from the Universities of Swansea and Bangor will embark on an African adventure during which they will carry out “Catching the Light with the...

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    Free Entry into the Shepton Mallet 10k with SOS Africa 24.Jul.2013

    On Sunday 27th October 2013 at 10am, residents from the West Country and beyond will take to the streets of Shepton Mallet to take on ‘The Shepton Great Escape’ 10K...