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Welcome to the SOS Africa Charity News Section. Our volunteers will keep this page regularly updated with non-profit news and developments from our African charity. Updates will also be posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages and posts from the SOS Africa Children are frequently uploaded to the 'SOS Africa Children's Blog.' If you have any questions about our African education charity or would like to get more involved, please don't hesitate to contact us...

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    New SOS Africa Shop Open for Business 11.Oct.2010

    On Saturday 9th October at 10am, SOS Africa's new charity shop opened it's doors to the people of Ilfracombe, for the first time...       The charity opened...

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    'Bay Area SOS Africa Society,' California Officially Launched! 29.Sep.2010

    A group of students from an American Highschool in Fremont, California have officially launched The 'Bay Area SOS Africa Society.' This society aims to raise funds to support some...

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    And then there were twelve... 27.Sep.2010

    It is our pleasure to be able to introduce you to Dimpho and Siabulelwa, the latest editions to the growing SOS Africa family...       Both Dimpho and Siab are from...

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    SOS Africa's 2009/10 Trustees Annual Report 12.Jul.2010

    Aims/Targets for 2009/10 Our aims/objectives for the financial year 2009/10 varied significantly from previous years. During the financial year 2008/09 we aimed to increase our annual...

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    SOS Africa backed by UK Schools 02.Jun.2010

      Isn’t it amazing what can be achieved when children work together to raise funds to help other children less privileged than themselves? In recent months, this is...