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Ms United Kingdom to Become Inmate at Shepton Mallet Prison 24hr Charity Lock-In Event

13 Feb 2017

Since the launch of its award-winning “Nominate an Inmate” 24 Hour Lock-In Event at Shepton Mallet Prison, SOS Africa has been inundated with nominations including that of MPs, head teachers, councillors, scout leaders and local residents. This May will be the last opportunity for SOS Africa to stage the event as the iconic prison will shortly be re-developed by prison owners, City & Country.

Ms United Kingdom to become inmate at SOS Africa's 24hr Lock-in at Shepton Mallet Prison

Only a few weeks after the re-launch of the event last month, the Shepton Mallet based charity was delighted to receive the nomination of none other than MS United Kingdom 2017/18, Rachel Metcalfe.

The defendant had been nominated by her partner for the grave crime of “stealing the TV to watch Hollyoaks all the time.” After an extremely short period of this deliberation, we unanimously decided that this crime was definitely worthy of at least a 24 hour sentence, which will now be carried out by Rachel at HMP Cornhill, Shepton Mallet over the weekend of the 20th/21st May 2017.

"Nominate an Inmate 2" 24 Hour Charity Lock-In Event at Shepton Mallet Prison

Following her release, Rachel will be heading to Miami in July to represent the United Kingdom at the Ms International Beauty Pageant:

“I am excited to take part in the Shepton Mallet lock up this year. I work with Children in the UK that have been a victim of abuse, so children's charities are extremely close to my heart. I would love to raise awareness with SOS Africa for children really in need of our help, hopefully encourage others to do the same and to do something unexpected that will truly make a difference both throughout the local community and in Africa.”

We would like to thank Rachel for participating in the event and hope that this provides her partner with some sense of justice; failing that, at least he will gain control of the TV remote for 24 hours in May. To sponsor Rachel click here.

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