Wells Cathedral Abseil Information

SOS Africa's Wells Cathedral Abseil Fundraising Event

If you have registered for The SOS Africa Charity Abseil from the North-West Tower of Wells Cathedral, please ensure that you and your team members read the following information...

Check Abseil Times

Firstly, please check the abseil timetables below (scroll down) as provisional times may have been adjusted since registration. If your name is highlighted in yellow, please contact us as soon as possible to complete your registration. If you have any questions or concerns at any point, please email Event Organiser Matt Crowcombe (matt@sosafrica.com).

Arrival on the Day

Please can all abseilers arrive 40 mins before your allocated abseil time and sign in with SOS Africa in front of the North West Tower of the Cathedral. We will provide all the safety equipment and briefings to make your abseil as safe and fun as possible. You will have a chance to do a “practise” abseil on the ground to ensure you are happy with the technique before ascending to the roof.

Offline Sponsorship

If you have raised funds offline, please bring cash/cheques with sponsorship forms to hand in before you abseil. In the meantime, feel free to email Matt (matt@sosafrica.com) with your current offline fundraising total so he can update your JustGiving Page Total. All offline sponsorship should be handed in by Friday 18th October at 5pm. You can visit the JustGiving Pages of all our abseiliers and see the Event Total here: Wells Cathedral Abseil Team Page.

Abseil Instructors / First Aid

The abseiling will be run by experienced abseiling instructors from Aardvark Endeavors. Event First Aid will be provided by Reflex First Aid. If you require any medication on the day, please bring it with you - especially asthma inhalers. There are 182 steps to the top, they are steep and narrow. Please inform us of any medical conditions by email in advance of the event.

Competition to Win 2 Flight Tickets to South Africa

 All individual abseilers and abseil teams will be entered into the prize draw each time they raise £50 over their £100 fundraising target. For more information and see which abseilers have already been entered into the draw, click here.

Event Photos

The SOS Africa volunteers will take photos throughout the event and upload them to the SOS Africa Facebook Page for you to pass on to your sponsors to prove that you have completed the challenge.

Family and Friends

Abseilers are welcome to bring along family and friends to support them, see the beautiful cathedral and perhaps enjoy a picnic on the cathedral green if the weather is nice (fingers crossed).

Fancy Dress

Abseilers are most welcome to participate in fancy dress provided that costumes do not interfere with abseiling equipment. Our theme for the event is "favourite children's book characters." Long hair, floppy clothes and anything which may get caught in the ropes MUST be tied back / tucked away.  We also recommend all abseilers wear sensible footwear and ensure there is nothing in your pockets (phones, keys!) which will drop out.

Wells Cathedral Abseil Timetables...

Day 1: Friday 27th September

Wells Cathedral Abseil Event Day 1

Day 2: Saturday 28th September

Wells Cathedral Abseil Event Day 2

Day 3: Sunday 29th September

Wells Cathedral Abseil Event Day 3

Day 4: Saturday 5th October

Wells Cathedral Abseil Event Day 4

Day 5: Sunday 6th October

Wells Cathedral Abseil Event Day 5

Thank you for supporting the event and see you at the top of the North West Tower!