The Importance of Global Citizenship and the Birth of Our Society


I am a massive believer of the concept Global Citizenship and I fully endorse the idea of integrating it within education. There is no secret that the people of our society today have a right and obligation to help others globally to make a much needed difference, and if it takes time and effort to educate and guide our generation of learners, then so be it!!

I am a lecturer at Gower College Swansea and during my time there, I have been so privileged to educate many students with promising futures. Simultaneously, it has been such a pleasure to encourage and guide our future leaders of society to understand the passion to inspire and help others.

But I still felt I need to take this idea a step further and raise money for a charity that has a holistic approach to helping others, particularly where education and welfare of an individual is a primary focus. As a result, a solid bond was formed with SOS Africa to give our generation the tools to make a difference for underprivileged children.

To date, we have certainly embraced the concept of Global Citizenship and over 70 students from Gower College Swansea have worked in teams to conjure up ideas to fundraise for SOS Africa. Their willingness to help the children was surely a wonderful experience and due to the successes of these fundraising events, we decided to set up a society, to give all students the opportunity to get involved and raise money for such a worthy cause. So I would like to take this time to thank you for reading about the origin of our society and on behalf of our committee, we hope that you continue to follow our journey to be successful in our aim of sponsoring under privileged children to gain an education that some of us may take for granted.      

Thank You!!

   Martin Dix, Society Co-ordinator

Martin Dix (G.C.S SOS AFRICA Society Co-ordinator)

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