SOS Africa Storytellers

It is often said that one of SOS Africa’s major strengths is its personal approach to charity work; the organisation was created by a small group of friends and family committed to making a small but lasting difference. Over the past 12 years, this small network has steadily grown; from our child sponsors, fundraisers, and charity shop volunteers to our staff and children in South Africa, every supporter has their own story and their own reasons for investing their precious time in supporting our cause. We are privileged to be able to share some of their personal stories here…

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    “Reflecting on 12 years as part of the SOS Africa family” by Mavis Added 16.Apr.2015

    My name is Mavis and I am 18 years old. I was the first girl supported by SOS Africa's child sponsorship programme in 2004 and am now completing my final year in high school. I...

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    "A Volunteers Story" by Simon Ross Added 24.Mar.2015

    Hello, I am Simon, a volunteer at SOS Africa. I started my placement at the SOS Africa Charity Shop in Shepton Mallet when I was between jobs, hoping to be able to help contribute...

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    "Paying It Forward Through Child Sponsorship" by David Butler Added 16.Mar.2015

    I first came to hear of SOS Africa as the Pyramid Abseil was announced last summer. I'm 33 with one son at school and one just about to start. Like many, I used to take for granted the...

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    “Thank you! You are changing our lives forever” by Madeleine Seaward Added 11.Feb.2015

    My name is Madeleine Seaward and I am the SOS Africa Aftercare Club Manager in Grabouw, the Western Cape, South Africa. My journey with SOS Africa began last year when Mr...

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    "Why SOS Africa is Important to me" by Lawrence Pang Added 24.Jan.2015

    The very first of our "SOS Africa Storytellers" collection is a special note written by Lawrence Pang, a member of SOS Africa's Portsmouth Society. We received this note back in...