Sponsor Martial Arts Lessons

Sponsor Martial Arts Lessons for African Charity Children

The benefits of Martial Arts for children...

  • A fun way for both boys and girls to achieve fitness and focus;
  • Disciplined teaching in self-respect self-discipline, socialisation skills and especially conflict resolution;
  • Practising Jul-Jitsu will teach the children to think clearly in stressful situations therefore enhancing their problem solving capabilities.

Martial Arts Lessons teach children self-respect and self-discipline

Sponsor Martial Arts lessons or donate towards Martial Arts mats for the SOS Africa Charity Children

If you are interested in sponsoring Martial Arts Lessons or making a donation towards purchase of a mat or uniform for the SOS Africa Children, please Contact SOS Africa today. If requested, this can also be purchased in the form of a Gift Voucher to give as a present.

Information about SOS Africa Martial Arts Lessons can be downloaded by clicking below...

 Martial Arts Lessons for the SOS Africa Charity children