Emergency Charity Food Packages

Emergency Food Packages for South African Charity Children / Families

Emergency Food Packages for the SOS Africa Children & Families

Sometimes circumstances prove very hard and there is literally no food at home to sustain a family. This may happen due to loss of employment, illness or a loss in the family. SOS Africa now offers "Food Packages" to help families cope through these difficult times. These are of course only temporary measures to enable families/guardians in these situations to get back on their feet.

We have experienced several situations where our children's families have struggled through periods of financial difficulty effecting not only the child's standard of work but also causing emotional stress. This short-term sponsorship package can relieve this stress and make a great difference to child and their support base.

Sponsor an emergency food package for the family of an SOS Africa Charity children

If you are interested in purchasing an "Emergency Food Package" for the family of an SOS Africa child, please Contact SOS Africa today.

Information about Emergency Food Package Sponsorship can be downloaded by clicking below...

Emergency Food Packages for the SOS Africa Charity children