Sponsorship of a New SOS Africa Charity Education Centre

After 15 years of evolution and development, The SOS Africa Charity's holistic education programmes have been adapted to support underprivileged children and struggling schools from township communities. The charity’s experienced staff are now looking for the corporate or independent sponsorship required to replicate this highly effective framework throughout South Africa.

The SOS Africa Charity's Newest Education Centre Assisting Students from Somerset-West Methodist School, South Africa

As the info-graphic below demonstrates, in partnership with local schools, each SOS Africa Education Centre can support up to 74 children and provide training and employment for 2 Remedial and 3 Aftercare Staff. In addition, these centres can facilitate further support in the form of staff training days, holiday workshops for children and parents, educational outings and counselling support for staff and students.

SOS Africa's Education Centre's provide holistic support to struggling schools and underprivileged children throughout South Africa

All future SOS Africa Education Centre’s will be fully-sustainable, off-grid timber frame buildings. This enables these facilities to be self-sufficient and to be relocated to different sites when required. The construction process will also involve students from educational institutions linked to SOS Africa, enabling them to gain invaluable practical experience to supplement their academic courses.

Scholarship Scheme Children from SOS Africa's Education Centre in Grabouw, South Africa

The funding required to establish a fully-functional SOS Africa Education Centre, equipped to facilitate the charity’s Remedial and Aftercare Programmes would be between £15,000-£18,000. After the first year of operation, subsequent running costs would be provided by long-term SOS Africa sponsors to guarantee the financial sustainability of each facility. The charity’s long-term plan is to introduce new SOS Africa Education Centre’s every 2 years – spreading our support across South Africa and beyond.

For more information about sponsoring an SOS Africa Education Centre, please Contact Us.