SOS Africa Societies and Clubs

Since the SOS Africa Charity’s founding in January 2003, a major source of support has come from the development of independently-run SOS Africa Charity Societies. These societies and clubs are usually created by members of clubs or institutions such as schools, colleges, universities or businesses. Once established, these groups can provide invaluable support to the SOS Africa Children by either fundraising or raising awareness about the charity’s objectives: ‘to empower Africa’s underprivileged children through the provision of education.’ 

  Setting up an SOS Africa Charity Society within Schools and Universities

The SOS Africa volunteers are happy to work with these societies and clubs to provide advice and support as well as various fundraising materials which may be required. We are also happy to give each society a section on our website to allow them to share news about their activities with the charity’s fellow-supporters.

As well as providing invaluable support to our organisation, setting an SOS Africa Society can also be an enjoyable and extremely satisfying exercise. This process is also ideal for those looking to gain experience in charity work including fundraising, marketing and leadership familiarity.

Bay Area SOS Africa Society, California

If you chose, your society can also raise funds to pay for the education and care of specific SOS Africa Charity Children. This is a great way of motivating your society members and showing your supporters exactly where their contributions will be invested.

One of our most recent societies ‘Gower College Swansea SOS Africa Society’ has been established by students at Gower College Swansea in South Wales. These students have been carrying out fundraising initiatives to help pay for the education and care of Angelinah, one of the newest editions to the SOS Africa Charity family. They also successfully utilise the SOS Africa website to keep their supporters regularly updated with information on their latest fundraising ventures.

 Portsmouth University's SOS Africa Society

Portsmouth University's SOS Africa Society was developed by some of the university's architecture students in November 2009 to fund the education and care of Kabelo and Kelebogile.  In a short space of time, by carrying out a series of fundraising events they managed to raise an increadible £4,500!

In 2013, SOS Africa's first society in Germany was founded. SOS Africa Hochschulgruppe was created by 20 students from Munster in Germany to raise funds to pay for the education and care of SOS Africa's Angelinah.

If you are a member of group of enthusiastic and motivated individuals who are interested in setting up a society which will make a real lasting difference to the life of an underprivileged African child, why not get in touch with our charity’s UK staff and volunteers today.

To contact our UK Office email: [email protected] or call: (+44) 01749344197.