SOS Africa Children's Birthdays

The SOS Africa staff love making a big fuss of our children on their birthdays! The children also love hearing from their sponsors on their big day so if you would like to contribute towards a card or gift, we have listed their birthdays below...

SOS Africa Children's Charity Birthdays

If you are an SOS Africa child sponsor, we are happy to purchase a card and gift on your behalf. If you would like us to arrange this for you, please email [email protected] and make a donation to: SOS Africa / 40001589 / 40-15-38 using "BDAY" followed by your child's name for the reference. We will then send you a photo of your child receiving the gift.

SOS Africa Grabouw Children's Birthdays

SOS Africa Somerset West Children's Birthdays

SOS Africa St Michael's, Elgin Children's Birthdays

SOS Africa Mafikeng Children's Birthdays

Thank you for your support!