Education Centre Building Project

Welcome to the SOS Africa Charity’s Education Centre Building Project. Over the next 10 years SOS Africa aims to design and build a multi-functional Education Centre in the Western Cape of South Africa to operate alongside schools in the region to empower people from the local community through education.

SOS Africa Charity's Education Centre Building Project 

SOS Africa believes strongly in empowerment through education and that through this investment, children will have greater opportunity to break the cycle of poverty that they are born into. The solution is in no way a “bums on seats” approach; SOS Africa has set up a holistic education programme to support the children throughout their schooling. The Education Centre established will also facilitate further areas of education support, not only for these children but also for their siblings and parents.

Download Education Centre Build Project Brief

The intention of this building is to facilitate a spectrum of learning outside of the standard classroom. There is no stipulation of age/gender; all forms of learning will be adapted to the student. For more info, Download our Project Brief...                                                                  

The design has to be as flexible as possible, not only to future development but to an ever-changing and adapting way of learning. This education centre should set a precedent among the students, surrounding community and even the sponsors, as an exemplar form of local and sustainable architecture through its use of energy, adaptability to education programmes and unique approach to community empowerment. The entire process from design to build will be embedded within education and as a result will empower all the participants.

About the area where we will be building...

Download Information about the project build area

The Education Centre Building Project will be based in Somerset-West, South Africa along the N2 road in range of the Chris Nissen, Sir Lowrys, Lwandle and Nomzamo Townships. For more info, Download our Area Guide...                                                      

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SOS Africa Charity Education Centre Design Proposal 1

This first design proposal was developed by architecture student, Claudia Titley, as her Final Major Project for Part 2 at the Centre for Alternative Technology. The site used here was theoretical but the design/concept is such that it can easily be adapted to another site in the area once the charity obtains it.

Download Education Centre Design Plans

This booklet illustrates the outline of the design plans, elevations and landscaping... Download Here 


SOS Africa Charity Education Centre Build Lower Classroom Designs

The lower classroom designs offer many spaces within and around the building that encourage play. A child in grades 1 - 4 (ages 6 - 10 ) develops their learning through social interaction and play, the layout and positioning encourages this. Also incorporating cave like zones for teaching helps the child to feel safe in quite a large space. The classroom spaces would also be available to run workshops/classes for the parents (especially the mothers alongside their young children) for basic education including health and well-being.

SOS Africa Charity Education Centre Build Middle Classroom Designs

The middle school is for Grades 5 - 8 (ages 10 - 14 ) and here learning becomes more precise and disciplined. These classes run in parallel to gardening and workshop courses/projects with the intention to extend the child’s learning beyond just books and into practical skills too. These garden/workshop programmes will also run through the mornings for parents or children who have fallen out of the education system and need additional skills for the work place.

 SOS Africa Charity Education Centre Build Upper Classroom Designs

The upper school design is more open plan and offers more group study ‘zones’ as oppose to teaching classrooms. The children using this classroom will be from Grades 9 - 12 (15 - 19 years old). Independent is therefore encouraged and the students’ own diligence is developed.
The back of the classroom block opens up to a small chicken run. This is to encourage a micro scale business that helps not only to financially support the site but also teach the children some fundamental business and management skills.