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02 Jun 2010

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Isn’t it amazing what can be achieved when children work together to raise funds to help other children less privileged than themselves? In recent months, this is exactly what has been happening throughout various UK schools.

There is so much to be gained by this process, and not just by the children being helped. This process can also teach the children involved some essential life values. A lot of us take education for granted, it's something that has to be done when we are young, but for children that don’t have this opportunity, it is a lifelong dream. Not only will this process help them realise just how fortunate they are to live in a society which provides them with free, high quality education, but it will also teach them the importance of helping others less privileged than themselves. These are important values which will stay with these children for the rest of their lives.

If you wish to get your school involved in fundraising for SOS Africa, it is very simple. Your school can either hold a one-off fundraising event for SOS Africa, whether it be a ‘non-uniform’ day, a ‘fun run’ or a cake sale. Or alternatively, your school can adopt a child through SOS Africa. By doing this your school will agree to support a child for a set period of time. In return, we can send you regular progress reports, photo albums and even letters from the adopted child. This way the children of your school can follow the progress of the child from their first day of school right through to graduation.

In 2004 King’s Bruton adopted 7 year old Mavis Madie. Mavis was from a very poor background and attended her local township school with class sizes of up to 200 children. Her future looked bleak. However, thanks to the support of the staff and pupils of King’s Bruton, for the last six years Mavis has attended Mafikeng Primary School, with average class sizes of 20. She has adapted well to her new surroundings and is currently at the top of her class in many subjects. Last year she received an award for being the best in her year at speaking and writing Afrikaans. When we first met Mavis she could only speak her tribal dialect. Thanks to King’s, Mavis can now decide her own future, a future she and every child in Africa deserves.

To find out how your school can get involved, send an email to and we send you all of the necessary information.

On behalf of SOS Africa we would like to thank all of the schools that have supported our charity since its birth in 2003.

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