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35 Fearless Fundraisers Walk on Fire for the SOS Africa Charity Children

09 Dec 2016

If ever there was ever a charitable fundraising event which separated the “daring” from the “discerning” or the “carefree” from the “cautious” SOS Africa’s Frome Firewalk Fundraiser fit the bill. Taking place on a cold and wet winters evening, the 35 fearless Firewalkers braved all the elements combined to complete SOS Africa’s latest fundraising feat.

Time4Change instructors prepare the SOS Africa Charity Firewalk

Launched in August, recruiting for the event proved to be a challenge in itself with even the most courageous of fundraisers making themselves illusive. Nevertheless, as the word spread, Firewalkers from Frome and beyond gradually put their Firewalking nicknames forward and began fundraising. From “Napalm Nina” to “Ignitable Isgar” all the event participants were motivated by one common goal - to raise enough funds to enable SOS Africa to open a new education centre in January 2017.

SOS Africa Fundraisers test the temperature before their Firewalk

By the time the much-anticipated evening was upon us, our wonderful group of fundraisers had already smashed their individual targets ensuring that we would easily surpass our £5000 team target. Spurred on by the empowering seminar provided by Firewalker instructor Emma and the 150-strong crowd which had gathered, against their better judgement, all 35 Firewalkers completed the challenge.

The SOS Africa Charity Staff completed the Firewalk first...

Among the participants were Frome Town Mayor Toby Eliot, Councillor David Van Dyk and local MP David Warburton, taking part in his second SOS Africa fundraising challenge:

“It was great fun and a fabulous way not only to raise much needed funds for SOS Africa but to raise awareness of their superb work. First it's 24 hours in prison, then it's walking across fire - what's next for us from SOS Africa? Jumping out of aeroplanes with no parachutes? Snake pits? Leeches?"

Frome Mayor Toby Eliot walking on fire for SOS Africa

By the time the final sponsorship had been collected, the event total reached an incredible £7660 which, when combined with a generous donation made by SOS Africa’s new corporate sponsor, Cover and Legal, will enable SOS Africa to open the new education centre in 2017.

SOS Africa's Fearless Charity Firewalkers

We would like to thank all our fearless Firewalkers, event organisers Emma and Darren from Time4Change, Ida and John from FromeFM, Nick and Mary from Denelas Bakery, Fusion Gym and Frome College for allowing us to use their premises for the event. We look forward to sharing photos of the new centre with you all, when it opens in January 2017.

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