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SOS Africa Charity Shop Opens in Shepton Mallet

11 Sep 2012

The SOS Africa Charity staff and volunteers alongside Marcus Wyburn-Mason

It was a very proud moment on Saturday 8th September, when Marcus Wyburn-Mason, President of Shepton Mallet Rotary Club, cut the ribbon and pronounced our first charity shop in Shepton Mallet open.

The shop, decorated with an African theme, was the result of weeks of careful preparation.  Huge thanks go to Claudia Titley who designed the shop from a child’s viewpoint.  The star of the show was Monduli the giraffe who recently rose to fame in Tanzania by taking a free dip in a local swimming pool.  Ably assisted by David Crowcombe and Gigi Lincoln, Claudia has covered the shop walls with charming African animals and a special notice board has been erected to enable customers to see regular updates from the children they support.

The inside of the new SOS Africa Shop  The inside of the new SOS Africa Shop  

The great atmosphere in the shop is undoubtedly enhanced by our cheery volunteers who clearly enjoy being there and giving their time for free.  They may not be the slickest of operators but their friendliness definitely draws in the customers. One new customer had such fun that she went away and came back with a packet of biscuits for the staff!

The inside of the new SOS Africa Shop  Monduli the Giraffe

Our vision for the shop was that it should not only raise much needed funds but that it should open the doors to the local community and this has already proven to be true.  Our doors had been hardly open when one person stated that she was eager to join our team and within the first few hours we had signed up another abseil team and made a useful contact with a local school.

Matt Crowcombe, SOS Africa's UK Operations Manager with Marcus Wyburn-Mason, President of the Shepton Mallet Rotary Club  The SOS Africa Information Board

After less than three days the shop had raised enough funds to support a child for six months.

So, a big thank you to everyone: helpers (Shelley, Gill, Linda and Ann), donators, and the local community.  Already, the shop has helped to spread the word and our message has clearly touched the hearts of the people of Shepton Mallet.

See you soon...

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  1. Shelli@ 15/09/2012 @ 18:06

    Comment: What an amazing start we have had, the shop looks amazing Claudia, we have had so many comments on the original design.... well done you!!!

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