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BBC Points West helps SOS Africa Issue Scam Warning to UK Charities

07 Dec 2011

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As you may remember, a few months ago the SOS Africa Charity’s UK office was targeted by a scam conducted by an ‘Italian businessman’ who, after offering to donate £30,000 to SOS Africa’s School Bus Appeal, attempted to defraud the charity of the same sum of money. Since that day, with the help of various media sources, our charity’s staff have worked tirelessly to warn other charitable organisations about the existence of such scams.

This campaign was significantly boosted last night thanks to BBC Points West’s Dickon Hooper, who covered the story during last night’s programme. During this feature, Dickon introduced the charity, discussed the specific circumstances of the attempted scam and interviewed a scam specialist who warned others about the alarming increase in such swindles against charitable organisations during times of economic hardship.

The news report also contained footage taken recently in South Africa by Slade Lamey, the editor and producer of SOS Africa’s first appeal video, which will be launched by the charity over the next few weeks.

SOS Africa would like to thank Dickon and his team at BBC Points West for publicising this important issue. If you represent a charity and would like more information, please contact SOS Africa’s UK Office either by phone: 01749340426 or by email:

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