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School Reports Forecast Bright Futures for SOS Children

09 Jun 2011

As a proud member of SOS Africa’s team of volunteers, one of my favourite times of the year is when we receive the SOS childrens school reports; it is the moment when we find out how well each of our children has settled and performed in their new classes. It is also perhaps a nervous time for the SOS Africa staff, who are fully aware of the full extent of the transition process which each child has to go through as they adjust from life in the townships to an education in a multi-cultural school environment. After all, as all parents know, once they have dressed their child, made his or her packed lunch, and driven them to the school gates, it is then entirely up to the child how much effort they put into their school life; for the SOS Africa children, it is no different.

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Although previous reports have always made for satisfying viewing, reading this terms reports proved to be a particularly proud occasion; we were overwhelmed by the achievements of each of the SOS Africa children!

SOS Africa’s eldest child, Mavis has had a really positive first term at Mafikeng High School. Her teacher is pleased with her progress and says that Mavis hopes one day to study medicine. Although this will be a challenging goal, we believe in Mavis and will do all we can to help her live this dream.

Back in Mafikeng Primary School, the reports of our Grade 6 students were equally as impressive. Kelebogile senior is doing particularly well in all of her classes, and Olebogeng, aptly called ‘doc’ by his peers is definitely living up to his nickname. Oleb also received a silver star for his excellent behaviour this term.

In Grade 5, the twins are proving to be as cheeky as ever, but since they have been placed in separate classes, they have settled down nicely and are beginning to show their true potential. In the same grade, Kgalalelo has also done well, achieving impressive marks in Afrikaans.

Out of our Grade 3 children, Tlotlo and Mathapelo have received top grades in all but one or two of their subjects. Mathapelo’s progress is particularly pleasing; since Grade 1 she has grown in confidence and is now near the top of her class.

In the Mafikeng Preparatory school, Grade 2’s Kabelo continues to do well. Despite the fact that he is younger than his classmates, thanks to his bubbly personality he is adored by his teachers and classmates and can’t wait to join the football team next year.

And finally, among our Grade 1’s, SOS Africa’s latest editions Siab and Dimpho have settled in well, and although they are still a little shy, they are being well looked after by their teachers and fellow SOS Africa family members.

But for me, the greatest success story of all of our children this term is little Kelebogile. After a tough year, last year we decided that Kelebogile should stay down a year as she struggled in class; we were greatly concerned that she didn’t enjoy school. However, her latest report shows that Kelebogile’s school life has been transformed; she has now made many friends in her class and is achieving top grades in all of her subjects! The concluding line of her report read: “We are very happy with Kelebogile and believe she has a very bright future.”

One of the things which impresses us most about each of the SOS Africa children is their incredible ability to learn new languages. When they begin in Grade 1 most of our children do not understand English, due to their tribal origins, yet by the time they reach Grade’s 2 and 3, most of them are fluent in English and are beginning to learn Afrikaans; this year’s Grade 5 students have achieved in the region of 70% to 90% for this subject!

Needless to say our congratulations go to the wonderful SOS Africa children. Thanks to their hard work, and your support, each one of them will be able to decide their own future, and at present they are all looking very bright indeed!

We hope that they continue to make us proud and look forward to reading next terms reports.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child through SOS Africa, click here for more information or contact SOS Africa.

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