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New SOS Africa Shop Open for Business

11 Oct 2010

On Saturday 9th October at 10am, SOS Africa's new charity shop opened it's doors to the people of Ilfracombe, for the first time...

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The charity opened it’s first shop in the same town back in February 2009. This venture was initially carried out on a trial basis as we were unsure of how successful it could be. Throughout the months which followed the shop received an overwhelming amount of support from the people of Ilfracombe and beyond. So much so, in fact, that it was decided that the original shop would need to expand to cater for the needs of the local people. As a result, the shop's manager, Emma Rose-Ellis began looking for larger premises in which a new shop could be established. Within days she found the ideal venue; 139 High street, Ilfracombe. This new shop is approximately four times the size of its predecessor, and contains two large front windows, ample floor space, four store rooms, a large changing room and even an upstairs with a mezzanine included. 

Barely a week prior to its opening, Emma and a team of volunteers began the difficult task of moving all of the shops previous stock and fittings to this new venue. This activity drew much attention from the local residence who often volunteered their services and dropped off numerous clothes donations to the new shop. After many early mornings and late nights, the new SOS Africa shop was fully refurbished, fully stocked and ready to open. 

Despite the successes of the previous shop, we were stunned by the response of the masses who visited the shop during it’s opened day, and were delighted by the positive comments which were frequently uttered. The numerous benefits of the increased space provided by the new shop quickly became clear; allowing us to display more stock to a greater audience. By the time the last customer had departed, the new shop had exceeded the previous highest daily takings total recorded by the previous shop. 

SOS Africa would like to thank Emma, the shop’s manager, Jack and Judy, the shop’s volunteers and the people of Ilfracombe for making this possible. Thanks to their support, the charity will now receive an increased income all year round which will allow it to support more children in the future.

The shop’s manager, Emma asked me to pass on her thanks and to encourage anyone with clothes, bric-brac, electrical or furniture donations, to bring them into the shop or contact her for collection (from the local area). She also wishes to apologise if the Halloween costumes on display in the window have scared passers-by.

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