How Does Child Sponsorship Work?

Sponsoring a child in Africa through our African education charity is a very simple and incredibly rewarding process. It takes a matter of minutes to sign up to a holistic sponsorship plan which will change a child's life forever. Our grassroots, family-run organisation invests 100% of all child sponsorship into holistic education programmes for the children in our care whilst providing a personal and interactive sponsorship experience for our sponsors. Here is how it works...

STEP 1:   Children Awaiting Sponsorship

View the profiles of children currently awaiting education sponsorship to enable them to join SOS Africa's Education Programmes. Children are selected after consultation with local educational institutions and an assessment of household income, attendance, attitude and parental/guardian commitment.

South African Children in need of Education Charity Sponsorship

STEP 2:   Select A Sponsorship Plan

Select a child sponsorship option which works for you. SOS Africa offers child sponsorship plans ranging from £10 to £50 per month. Each sponsorship option funds a different level of support for the sponsored child and provides different amounts of feedback to the sponsor.

 SOS Africa | Select a child sponsorship option 

Whilst we prefer sponsors to support children for as long as possible, there is no official minimum term of sponsorship. Unless in exceptional circumstances, SOS Africa supports all sponsored children until they complete their schooling, usually at the age of 18.

STEP 3:   Contact SOS Africa

Contact SOS Africa by email: [email protected] with your preferred sponsorship option and we will reply with the profile of a child currently awaiting sponsorship and payment instructions within 24 hours. Please feel free to include any questions you might have regarding the sponsorship process.

Contact the SOS Africa Charity about Sponsoring a child in Africa...

STEP 4:   Set Up Sponsorship Payment

If you are happy to proceed with the sponsorship, please set up the monthly standing order or annual sponsorship payment and contact SOS Africa to confirm. In the meantime, we will arrange the sponsorship and contact you when the first payment arrives.

STEP 5:   Sponsored Child Starts School

 Once this process is complete, your sponsored child will start his or her schooling and receive school tuition, transportation, school clothing and equipment as well as holistic and extra-curricular support at an SOS Africa Aftercare Centre each afternoon.

How Does Sponsoring a Child in Africa Work | SOS Africa Charity

Since SOS Africa was founded in 2003, our 3 oldest children graduated from High School and have continued their studies at college or university. Thanks to the generosity of our loyal child sponsors around the world, many more children are following closely in their footsteps.

STEP 6:   Updates, Correspondence & Visits

Depending on the sponsorship option selected, sponsors receive regular updates on the progress of the sponsored child including termly school reports, photos albums and posts on the SOS Africa Children's Blog. Sponsors can even interact with their sponsored child via email and visit them at an SOS Africa Education Centre, later on in the sponsorship.

SOS Africa Charity Child Sponsors receive regular updates and feedback

The SOS Africa staff are also happy to purchase Christmas/Birthday Cards & Gifts for sponsored children on behalf of their sponsors. We do not recommend posting gifts due to the unreliability of international postal services.

If you have any further questions regarding child sponsorship please Contact SOS Africa.

More information about Sponsoring a child through SOS Africa is available here...

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