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May 2013: Students at Gower College Swansea Smash Previous Fundraising Records

Welsh Baccalaureate and BTEC Health and Care students of Gower College Swansea in partnership with the GCS SOS AFRICA society have taken part in a fundraising program to raise money for SOS AFRICA with the key goal of making a difference for underprivileged children. This year has been extra special as we have seen the previous fundraising totals smashed, with a new record of £1500, which means that the SOS AFRICA fundraising program has now amassed a grand total of £2500 over the last three years. An achievement that we (Gower College Swansea) are extremely proud of!!

Gower College SOS Africa Society         Gower College Swansea SOS Africa Society sponsor the education and care of Angelinah     

Over the last three months, the students have conjured up a variety of fundraising ideas, including a raffle (with top prizes), car wash, a range of stalls (selling delicious homemade cakes and the like), non school uniform days, a sponsored walk and a gig. Each event was very fun to do and successful in its own right, showing the endless accomplishments that the students are capable of achieving.

Martin Dix (GCS SOS AFRICA Co-ordinator) comments: 'I am really delighted with the ever-pleasing efforts of the Welsh Baccalaureate and BTEC Health and Social Care students and the newly formed GCS SOS AFRICA Society. They have shown passion, desire and innovation to help make a difference to children who are less fortunate than others. It is this positive drive that has made me extremely proud of the students and it just shows that working for such a great cause can really unite students, create a sense of solidarity, whilst promoting Global Citizenship’

The GCS SOS AFRICA Society has been paramount, with the added contribution of so many Welsh Baccalaureate and BTEC students to help make a difference. Helping SOS AFRICA has become a solid part of the culture in college, and students helping such a cause has enabled them to gain a wealth of experience in community participation and skills such as working with others and problem solving.

The students are very passionate to get involved and they have truly understood the ethos of the charity and the need for an educational based organisation. The aim to help children who are less unfortunate than others is most certainly a key social challenge that needs to be addressed and the students have proven this by making a tremendous effort to commit to a great cause.

This level of enthusiasm, along with a triumphant year raising money has set a new bar, which the GCS SOS AFRICA Society, Welsh Baccalaureate and BTEC students and staff will more than welcome and accept such an exciting and rewarding challenge next year!!!!


November 2012: 'Diversity Fayre'

As part of our ongoing fundraising initiatives (watch this space!), we were fortunate enough to become involved in the GCS Diversity Fayre, which we saw as a perfect opportunity to embrace diversity.

Gower College Swansea SOS Africa Society at their 'Diversity Fayre'  Gower College Swansea SOS Africa Society at their 'Diversity Fayre'

As many people attended, we planned to mainly raise awareness of our GCS SOS Africa Society and we are pleased to say it was so successful, we not only managed to spread the word about our aims and the society itself! But we also met other students who are keen to get involved.

We also decided to dedicate time to raising money for our sponsored child, Girlie (Angelinah), to do this, we made our own range of cakes and we also had sweets and drinks to offer too. Everyone who attended were more than happy to share our sweets and it was an amazing opportunity for us to talk, meet new people and in the end, we managed to recruit volunteers and . . . We raised an amazing amount: £70!!!

Gower College Swansea SOS Africa Society at their 'Diversity Fayre'  Gower College Swansea SOS Africa Society at their 'Diversity Fayre'

All in all it was a very productive day for us. The continuous music and entertainment brought an amazing atmosphere to the fayre, and the whole GCS SOS Society thoroughly enjoyed the experience!


14th October 2012: 'Our First Cardiff Half Marathon Experience'

Team SOS Africa at the Cardiff Half Marathon

Chloe Lane – On the 14th of October 2012 Isabel Hope and I set off to Cardiff to run the half marathon. We met with a group of other SOS Africa fundraisers, mainly from Swansea University, and travelled up to Cardiff together. It was a fantastic experience with a lot of nerves and excitement before the race. The team were very supportive and we were all very well looked after. It was a difficult task but despite injuring myself along the way I finished the race, and Izzy did too! We came away very proud and satisfied of our achievement and raised approximately £170.

Chloe Lane  Izzy Hope

Isobel Hope - As the church tower chimed 9, Chloe and I were rushing to the start line and within minutes we were amid the crowd of excited runners, grinning nervously and warming up on the spot. The day was crisp and sunny – perfect for running! We ran side by side, chatting with another SOS Africa runner we had just met from Cardiff until the difference in paces became apparent. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole race, and managed to run the whole way! There was lots of support, motivating cheers the whole way. We saw iconic Cardiff landmarks and ran around the bay – through lots of sticky fruit gel and past the doctor who experience. The dreadful hill at the end tested your will and stamina and will power but the claps and cheers spurred me on and I finished with my legs feeling like jelly! It was an amazing experience and SOS Africa really helped with moral support and the aspect of being part of a team. I am definitely considering attempting it again next year!