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Inspired by Mother Nature

23 Apr 2020

Our "Environmental Art" classes continued at St Michael's with great inspiration from Andy Goldsworthy and James Brunt. We set out to find an area outside that would provide us with a good surface to "paint" on and lots of colours to "paint with". (We also wanted and needed to be in the shade because it was such a hot and sunny day). 
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We began collecting sticks and stones and leaves of all different shapes and sizes. Andy Goldsworthy made beautiful "paintings" (installations) from colourful leaves, usually in a gradient of yellow to orange to red to brown. James Brunt was very creative with just sticks, making so many repetitive patterns. These were our two great inspirations... oh and Mother Nature of course!
Blog - Inspired by Mother Nature 2-1.jpg
So we started laying down our sticks and leaves trying to come up with patterns using the different shapes and colours...
Blog - Inspired by Mother Nature 3-1.jpg
... and this is what we made!
Blog - Inspired by Mother Nature 4-1.jpg
We hope we have inspired you to get more creative with nature. Thank you to Andy Goldsworthy and James Brunt for inspiring us, but most of all, thank you Mother Nature for giving us the most inspiring beauty and "paints" to create with. 
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