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SOS Africa 2019 Term 1 School Reports

15 Apr 2019

Join us as we celebrate the "best" and "most improved" SOS Africa Children's Term 1 2019 school reports from our charity education programmes across South Africa...

 SOS Africa St Michaels, Elgin

SOS Africa St Michael's Elgin: Best School Report

Firstly, we are delighted to award the first "Best Report" award at SOS Africa's new education programme at St Michael's, Elgin to Chaneal. This clever clogs achieved full marks in all subjects!

SOS Africa Somerset West

SOS Africa Somerset West: Best School Reports

"Best School Reports" in SOS Africa Somerset West goes to Kim and Meyah! We are so proud of these 2 hard workers, who are great examples to the younger children.

SOS Africa Somerset West: Most Improved Report

This term the "Most Improved" School Report Award goes to SOS Africa Laytham! This term Laytham achieved top marks in History and English and Aftercare Manager Karen is confident he can achieve top marks in all subjects if he keeps working hard.

SOS Africa Grabouw

SOS Africa Grabouw: Best School Report

Congratulations to SOS Africa's Ameleo who receives the award for "Best School Report" in SOS Africa Grabouw yet again!

 SOS Africa Grabouw: Most Improved School Reports

We are very proud of this young lady who received the "Most Improved School Report" this term! Described as a "role model" to the younger children, Tashnee received top marks in history, geography and social sciences! 

SOS Africa Mafikeng

SOS Africa Mafikeng: Best School Report

This term's "Best School Report" in Mafikeng is once again awarded to Lele! Described as an "outstanding achievement" by her teachers, Lele achieved top marks in Maths, English and Life Skills! Well done Lele!

SOS Africa Mafikeng: Most Improved School Report

Last but by no means least, we are also hugely proud of this young lady who has overcome huge challenges at home to excel in the classroom. Congratulations Mathapelo for receiving the "most improved" award this term!

Well done to all our children and good luck for Term 2!

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