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SOS Africa Western Cape Christmas Party at Helderberg Nature Reserve

20 Dec 2018

SOS Africa's school year ends with one of the greatest highlights... our Christmas Party! And what a place to have our party...

Blog - WC Xmas18 1.jpg

After writing to each other as pen pals all year, its was the first time SOS Africa's Grabouw and Somerset West Children met each other which was wonderful for us all. To break the ice we played lots of fun games! First the classics...

Blog - WC Xmas18 2.jpg

Blog - WC Xmas18 2.jpg

And of course, what's a picnic without ball games?!

 Blog - WC Xmas18 2.jpg

All these games mean we have lots of winners to celebrate...

 Blog - WC Xmas18 2.jpg

In-between games many of the children wondered off to explore and appreciate nature's beauty.

 Blog - WC Xmas18 2.jpg

Overall it was such a special day filled with sunshine and smiles!

 Blog - WC Xmas18 2.jpg

Thank you to all our staff for being so wonderful to our children this year; working above and beyond to love and support the children throughout the whole year.

 Blog - WC Xmas18 2.jpg

Thank you to all our children's sponsors for making this party possible and letting us enjoy such a merry party! From all of us we wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year!

Blog - WC Xmas18 2.jpg

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