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The moment when Kristyna met the girl she sponsors for the first time

10 May 2018

Children's Charity Blog - Meeting the child I sponsor to go to school in South Africa

I never imagined I would meet the girl who we sponsor but we had an incredible opportunity to go and see her, the school she goes to and the SOS Africa Aftercare Club.

In the morning we went to see the remedial centre at the Methodist school where the teachers work hard to help the children reach the full extent of their capability. They were doing end of term assessments and we helped with the reading assessments. It was really special. The children weren’t shy, they were extremely welcoming, I felt so connected to them. 

Children's Charity Blog - Kristyna helped the SOS Africa children with their assessments

We then went to the SOS Africa Aftercare Club at Grabouw School and the staff there are so enthusiastic about the children and teaching. They are amazing at their jobs! Chef Abigail is a wonder and cooks the kids a nutritious meal for lunch.

Children's Charity Blog - Kristyna received a warm welcome from the SOS Africa Staff and Children at Grabouw

All the children greeted us with a hug and a smile and we spent the rest of the afternoon with them. I also met the girl we sponsor which was such an inspirational moment. She has big dreams and ambitions, which I wish her all the best in achieving.

Children's Charity Blog - The special moment when Kristyna met Mechline for the first time

We played games and made stress balls to help the kids manage their stress levels before exams. To finish off we did a random fact competition which was a great way to learn new facts.

Children's Charity Blog - Kristyna had fun playing and learning with the SOS Africa children

The "Stars of the Week" were announced with such great support from all the students, and we were impressed at the high standards. It was clear that the teachers always find new and creative ways to teach and engage with the children. I was so impressed by the whole SOS Africa organisation and have no doubt that our money has been spent well.

Children's Charity Blog - The SOS Africa staff and children celebrate the "stars of the week"

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