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SOS Africa Somerset West DIY Holiday Project

16 Apr 2018

DIY projects are the best to encourage teamwork, creativity and great job satisfaction.

All lessons we want our kids to learn from as early as possible. So, for our Easter holiday we wondered what project we could take on that would best help the school where we are based, Methodist School Somerset West. We chose a grade 2 classroom that needed a bit of extra TLC.

Blog - Method Renov 1.jpg

First we cleared out all the furniture and packed away the books...

Blog - Method Renov 2.jpg

Then came the fun part, PAINTING! Putting some lovely yellow on the walls to brighten up the classroom. Hazel's dad, Melvin, helped us with this.

At the same time Ryden fixed the shelves and cupboard doors.

Thank you both.

Blog - Method Renov 3.jpg

We all got busy striping and recovering the tables...

Blog - Method Renov 4.jpg

Teacher Tanille and Ryden recovered the tables.

Liesel and her kids renovated the bookshelf.

Tanille's mum made new curtains.

Oh and of course Lady, our dog, was there the whole time for moral support and cuddles.

It certainly was a busy few days and hive of activity.

Blog - Method Renov 5.jpg

To finish off we cleaned the classroom until it * sparkled * and started to put all the furniture and books back. It's really starting to come together now. You won't believe it's the same classroom when we show you the final photos.

Blog - Method Renov 6.jpg

Just look at this incredible team.

We'd like to say the hugest thank you to all the children who worked hard at any and every task we set, no matter how boring; to some of the parents who also helped but especially to Anna, Tanille and Eden who organised this brilliant Holiday Workshop.

Blog - Method Renov 7.jpg

Now are you ready to see the final outcome? ….

Blog - Method Renov 8.jpg

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