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A Fun Afternoon Decorating Cupcakes

10 Aug 2017

The wonderful Beans of Cocobean hosted a delicious cupcake decoration class with the SOS Africa children at our Grabouw Aftercare Centre. Much to their delight, each child had the opportunity of decorating their very own cake with a vast array of colourful and scrumptious toppings...

Blog - Cupcakes 1.jpg

Beans demonstrates how it's done...

Blog - Cupcakes 2.jpg

There was great concentration as everyone tried to get as many toppings as possible on their cupcakes...

Blog - Cupcakes 3.jpg

Blog - Cupcakes 4.jpg

Asandele with his cupcake topped to the brim with goodies...

Blog - Cupcakes 5.jpg

Beans with all the kids and all the cupcakes and SO many smiles...

Blog - Cupcakes 6.jpg

Blog - Cupcakes 7.jpg

These girls got really clever and started adding more icing and so more and more toppings...

Blog - Cupcakes 8.jpg

But if you put it in a cup you can fill the whole cup with toppings too. #cleverkids

Blog - Cupcakes 9.jpg

If you enjoy baking too and would like to show us some of your wonderful cupcakes please send us some pictures to share on our #pinterest board - * Cupcakes * that was inspired by #iamkidpresident who believes that " you can't be sad when you're holding a cupcake "

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