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Matisse May Madness in Mafikeng

22 May 2017

Chop - Snip - Glue 

Blog - Matisse 1.jpg

SO, if the children need to practice their scissor skills and get creative with colour who better to inspire them than Henry Matisse? One of the greatest artists well known for his 'cut-outs'. 
We encouraged the children to explore all sorts of shapes and to even re use the "off-cuts"; play with combinations of colour and most importantly have fun! Take a look at the marvellous Matisse inspired artwork and let us know what you think...

Blog - Matisse 2.jpg

Kabelo used his hand as a shape too! Of course being the eldest of the group this idea inspired the other boys... Here's Oleb's artwork

Blog - Matisse 3.jpg

Ofentse has long fingers...

Blog - Matisse 4.jpg

Even Angelina thought the boys had had a good idea with the hands... she also added some very cool shapes...

Blog - Matisse 5.jpg

Sia even wrote his name in cut out paper...

Blog - Matisse 6.jpg

Kelebogile had very neat geometrical shapes...

Blog - Matisse 7.jpg

Angela designed a poster for Nike ;) 

Blog - Matisse 8.jpg

As always Boitsepho got very creative! I think would give Matisse a run for his money... 

Blog - Matisse 9.jpg

Rorisang was committed to using up all the "off-cuts"

Blog - Matisse 91.jpg

And finally Thato designed an 'out of space' themed Matisse...

Blog - Matisse 92.jpg

 Well done kids! These are fabulous and I think Matisse would be proud of them too.

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