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Introducing YOGA to the SOS Africa Children in Somerset West

20 Jan 2018

"Yoga creates children who are bright lights in this world, increasing their self awareness and strengthening their bodies." Shakta Khalsa
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We have introduced the joyful zen of yoga to the SOS Africa children at the Methodist School. 
Some are trying super hard to find their "zen"...
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Others have found it...
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We've learnt exercises to STRETCH... and
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... BALANCE , which is always easier when you have a friend to lean on
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Here's the latest update from teacher Tenille :
Last week the children enjoyed their 4th yoga lesson. It was the first time that teacher Eden and I didn't need to coax anyone into joining. There were no moans of "yoga is lame" or "I don't want to do it". In fact, when Katherine arrived everyone was ready to start! The kids are really enjoying it these days, and they are becoming familiarized with the various poses. 
Their teacher is incredibly creative in the manner in which she puts their yoga flows together. Yoga time is story time too! Surprisingly, the children who we thought would have great difficulty (due to their hyperactivity or struggles with concentration) are the ones who have been enjoying yoga the most. Most of the children claim to be really "tired and sleepy" after yoga, which we think might be their understanding of "calm and relaxed". 
At the end of each lesson they get a chance to tell the circle what they are grateful for and most of them say they are grateful for SOS Africa.
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A HUGE thank you to Katherine Morgan for taking these classes and to the community for donating yoga mats.

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