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Making Christmas Cards for our Friends

15 Dec 2017

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The lead up to Christmas is such a fun time for crafting.
Our SOS Africa children in Somerset West haven't actually met the other SOS Africa children in Grabouw, but they do have a fun pen-pal system set up with them. Join the SOS Africa children in Somerset West as they make colourful Christmas Cards for their friends in Grabouw...
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Here's Hazel's lovely message to Melray, with such smart handwriting too...
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What Christmassy trees...
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Sipho can't wait to meet Ameleo...
Blog - Easter Cards 5.jpg
Kim wrote a beautiful card for Kay-Leigh...
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Look at all the Grabouw children with their beautiful Christmas cards from the Somerset West children. Hopefully next year we can organise a party for them to all meet each other...
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