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SOS Africa Somerset West: Celebrating Christmas at the Beach

21 Dec 2017

When you live in the Southern Hemisphere, near the sea, there's no better place to have your Christmas party than AT THE BEACH. Just look how excited everyone is...

Blog - Christmas 2017 1.jpg

It took all of 2 minutes for Donvenecia, Sipho and Karabo to be totally ready for this beach business...
Blog - Christmas 2017 2.jpg
Kent had other plans... of course everyone joined in to help bury him. Gideon went straight to the water for a splash and a dive. Lihle just wanted to play ball...
Blog - Christmas 2017 3.jpg
After working up quite an appetite it was time for our CHRISTMAS FEAST.
As you can imagine this was the first time silence fell among this group of really excited kids. 
Thank you to all the sponsors who have not only supported these children throughout the year 
but also donated for the Christmas Party.
Blog - Christmas 2017 4.jpg
Finally, we just want to send SO MUCH love to you all and wish you a very Merry Christmas with all the special people you LOVE xxxx
Blog - Christmas 2017 5.jpg
P.s. We are running a really fun advent project with the SOS Africa children (from Mafikeng, Somerset-West and Grabouw). Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see them all.

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