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Hello and welcome to the Gower College Swansea SOS Africa society, where we would like to invite you to share and embrace our experiences of helping others.

Since 2010, over 50 Gower College Swansea students have been raising money for SOS Africa and due to the successes of these fundraising events (and knowing that education is an important factor to a child’s socialisation process), we decided to set up a society so that we can ensure the children get the same privileges in education as we do.

So please check out our society section, read about Global Citizenship and the birth of our societymeet our society members, find out about the SOS Africa Child we are supporting and follow us on our journey to making a difference.

For more information about Gower College Swansea's SOS Africa Society please contact Martin Dix (Society Co-ordinator) by phone: 01792 890700 or email: Martin.Dix@gowercollegeswansea.ac.uk or email Tania Gulliford: Tania.Gulliford@gowercollegeswansea.ac.uk.

Thank you for your support!