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SOS Africa's Thank You Page

As is the case with any charitable organisation, SOS Africa would be unable to function without the support of its valued supporters. Therefore, on behalf of the children of SOS Africa, our staff wanted to take the opportunity to thank our sponsors, and to give them the recognition they deserve. We would like to say a special thank you to the following schools, businesses and groups of people for their support over the past few years: 



JooMo Ltd

JooMo Ltd, inventor of the World's FIRST EVER 100% Truly Natural face wash.SOS Africa is proud to announce the development of a new partnership with JooMo Ltd, a Natural Skin Care Cooperative which has recently developed the first ever 100% natural face wash. JooMo has guaranteed a donation of 50p to SOS Africa for every new customer order and an additional 10p for every Facebook ‘like.’ Thanks to JooMo it has never been easier to support the SOS Africa Charity, by either clicking ‘like’ on JooMo Ltd Facebook Page or by purchasing one of their revolutionary products via the JooMo Ltd website. On behalf of the SOS Africa Children we would like to say a big thank you to Nick, Linda and everyone at JooMo Ltd and wish them luck with their exciting new products.



Roadhogs - Staffing solutions for the pig industry

SOS Africa has recently been offered monthly sponsorship from Roadhogs, an Evercreech based recruitment company, which has been helping Farmers from the UK and abroad recruit staff for their pig enterprises since 1990. We would like to say a big thank you to Jon and his team for their kind contribution towards the education and care of the SOS Africa Children.



SOS Africa would like to thank GoPromotional for their kind donation of promotional keyrings which we hope will assist us raising the profile of our organisation.



Hyundai UK


Hyundai UK

SOS Africa would like to thank Hyundai UK, its partner during the 2010 World Cup 'Trade and Upgrade' and Football Distribution Projects. As part of these projects, Hyundai provided SOS Africa with 7,500 brand new footballs and 50 set of football kits for schools. These footballs and kits were distributed around the townships and schools of South Africa during the 2010 Football World Cup.





SOS Africa would like to thank MOO.COM for printing its charity stickers and cards free of charge.




PPS Commercial Print


PPS Commercial Print Limited

SOS Africa would like to thank PPS Commercial Print for kindly printing all of the posters for our December 2011 Sponsored Abseil Fundraiser Event down the Kilver Court viaduct.


Subside Sports


Subside Sports has provided SOS Africa with invaluable support over the past few months. This support began when Subside agreed to print the SOS Africa logo on the team shirts of the African nations particupitating in the African Cup of Nations and the 2010 Football World Cup, sold online at We would like to thank Subside Sports for their continued support! 


Sittingbourne Retail Park


Sittingbourne Retail Park

SOS Africa would like to thank Sittingbourne Retail Park who have recently agreed to sponsor the education and care of two SOS Africa Children. Sittingbourne Retail Park is part of a group of companies, which includes E H Nicholls Jnr Ltd, a haulage company and has tenants such as Homebase, Currys, MacDonalds, KFC, Paul Simon and Dunelm Mill.


King’s School Bruton


King's Bruton

Since its birth, the pupils and staff of King’s School Bruton have continued to support the staff and children of SOS Africa. They have successfully raised funds through non-uniform days and church service collections. We would like to thank all involved for their continued dedication towards helping less privileged societies.


Swansea University RAG:


Swansea University RAG

Since September 2006, Swansea University Raising And Giving Society (RAG) has continued to provide SOS Africa with financial support. In a similar way it supports 19 other charities by undertaking a series of fundraising events throughout the university’s academic year. We would like to say special thanks the students of Swansea University for all their efforts!


Jerudong International School:


Jerudong International School

SOS Africa would also like the staff and pupils of Jerudong International School in Brunei ( for raising funds to pay for the SOS Africa childrens school stationery for the 2012 academic year. They were also assisted by Thai Airways and Royal Brunei Airlines.


Polam Hall School, Darlington:

Thank you to the Year 7 children from Polam Hall School for raising essential funds for SOS Africa during their summer fair.

Parkstone Grammar School, Poole:

Thank you to the Sixth Form students of Parkstone Grammar School for the funds raised during their 'Dignity Campaign'.

Worthing College, Worthing:

Thank you to the students of Worthing College for their continued financial support.

Rotary, Shepton Mallet:

SOS Africa is grateful for the substantial support we have received from the Shepton Mallet Rotary Club in recent years.

Rotary, South Africa:

Our charity has also received financial support from within South Africa, in the form of the Mafikeng Rotary Club.

Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park:

We would also like to thank Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park for supporting the SOS Africa Charity Shop since its opening (



CASS Business School, London:

On 2nd June 2009, students from CASS Business School organised a fashion show to raise funds for three charities, including SOS Africa. The night was a big sucess and raised approximately £3,000 for each of the chosen charities. SOS Africa would like to say a huge thank you to Katrina, Karianne, Riya and all involved for all of their hard work.

The Oakdale Trust:

We would also like to thank the Oakdale Trust for there financial support, which assisted us in establishing our South African office.

Conquer Club:

Conquer Club

Thank you Conquer Club, the online multi-player world domination game, for endorsing SOS Africa as their official charity.

Portsmouth Uni SOS Africa Society:

The SOS Africa Stand  SOS Africa Portsmouth Society  Celebrating Africa Party

In September 2009, the first ever SOS Africa University Society was founded. Since its founding, the society has grown from strength to strength and has raised a massive £4,665 to help secure the educations of Kabelo and Kelebogile! It continues to organise numerous exciting fundraising events involving the local students, such as Cookie Bakes, Post Card Design Competitions, Half Marathons and much more. SOS Africa would like to thank the Portsmouth students for all of their efforts and hope the society continues to grow in the future.

The SOS Africa Cardiff Half Marathon Teams (2005 - 2012):

Cardiff Half Marathon Team 2006  SOS Africa Cardiff Half Marathon Team 2011 Cardiff Half Marathon 2009

Since October 2005, students from Swansea University and around the UK have taken part in the Cardiff Half Marathon to raise funds for the children of SOS Africa. To date they have raised between £30,000 to £40,000. This money has made a massive difference to our organisation and has helped us expand during our early years. We would like to say a big thank you to all of those involved.

SOS Africa 2011/12 Abseil Fundraising Teams:

The Ayton Globe Trotters  Abseiling for SOS Africa  SOS Africa's Cranmore Tower Abseil  SOS Africa's Cranmore Tower Abseil

SOS Africa would also like to thank all of the 250 fundraisers who participated in its Cranmore Tower and Kilver Court Viaduct Abseils. The combined fundraising total for both of the events is looking likely to reach in the region of £18,000!

SOS Africa 2014 Glastonbury Festival Pyramid Stage Abseil Teams, Volunteers and Supporters:

Events - Pyramid1.JPG  Events - Pyramid3.JPG  Events - Pyramid92.JPG  Events - Pyramid5.JPG

SOS Africa would like to thank all of the 300 abseilers who participated in our recent Pyramid Stage Abseil fundraising event and raised an incredible amount of funds for the SOS Africa children. We would also like to thank the following groups for their contribution to the event: Michael Eavis, Yasha and the Glastonbury Festival Team; Claudia and her band of bunting makers; our volunteers Ann, Dave, Emma, James, Martin, Steve, Beth, Poppy, Xavier and Val; Freya Rose-Ellis our very talented face painter; Marie and her team at the Cobblers in Shepton Mallet; Alan Price and The Hire Shed for lending us generators for the event; Matt from Speckled Wood Designs for producing the medals; Finn Christensen for allowing us to use his farm to access the stage; Nial and his RiteBite team for organising the catering; John for supplying the sound system; Robert from Mendip Moments Ice Cream; Rachel and Shelli our first aiders on the day; Cranmore Community Group and Phil Parry for supplying the marquees; Richard and his team from Richard Lycett Photography; Fuchsia from the Shepton Mallet Journal for covering the event and all of the Shepton Mallet businesses who donated prizes for our fancy dress competition.


Individual Sponsors/Supporters:

  • Paulton Infants School - Harvest Festival Fundraiser (2015)
  • St Gildas Catholic Junior School, London - Generous Donation (2015)
  • Dinah Gordon - Kind Donation (2014)
  • Jonathan Duffy - Cardiff Half Marathon (2014)
  • Purusothmn & Bhasker Nair - Kind Donation (2014)
  • Sam Russell - Chicago Half Marathon (2014)
  • Lydia Monyepao - South Africa Comrades Race (2014)
  • Patryk Koscuik - Round the Island Race (2014)
  • Brendan Law - Poker Tournament Fundraiser (2014)
  • Lisa Keane - Bristol 10k Race (2014)
  • Tom Evans - fundraising event (2014)
  • The Rotary Club of Wells - Christmas Dinner Raffle Donation (2014)
  • Nick Beaumont - Kind Donation (2014)
  • Joseph Amissah - Generous Donation (2013)
  • The Great Masterbake-off Fundraiser - provided new laptops for the SOS Africa Aftercare Centre (2013)
  • Vinayan - 6th Birthday Donations (2013)
  • John Nolan - Charity Full Body Wax (2013)
  • Hilton Primary School - Charities Day (2013)
  • Rosie Hague - Mount Kilimanjaro Climb (2013)
  • Bruce Philip - Sponsored Head Shave (2013)
  • The 'PeakBusters' SOS Africa Three Peaks Challenge Team (2013)
  • Port Regis School Fundraiser (2013)
  • Claudia Titley - Sponsored Kayak Around Mauritius (2013)
  • Matt Lambourne - London Marathon (2013)
  • Michael Crane - London Marathon (2013)
  • Horsington Primary School - Christmas Carol Service Fundraiser (2012)
  • Matthew Davies - Snowdonia Marathon (2012)
  • Joseph Maphosa and Chris Metcalfe - Great South Run (2012)
  • Anouska Norman - Mount Kilimanjaro Fundraiser (2012)
  • St Michaels Scout Group - Bring and Buy Sale / Tuck Shop Fundraiser (2012)
  • Form 9A Students from St Albans Girls School - fundraiser (2012)
  • SOS Africa's London 10k Team (2012)
  • Year 5 students from Dundonald Primary School - Year 5 fundraiser (2012)
  • Mr E Crossman - Generous Donation (2012)
  • Wendy Pullen - Generous SOS Africa Shop Donations (2012)
  • Mark Fletcher - Sponsored Headshave (2012)
  • Hongbo - Child Sponsor (2012)
  • Andrew Bolton - Child Sponsor (2012)
  • Viktor Kutscher - Child Sponsor (2012)
  • Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University - 'Globe Mania' Fundraiser Event (2012)
  • Oliver Fawke - Generous Donation (2012)
  • Peter Goudman - Generous Donation (2012)
  • John Liang Trust - Generous Donation (2012)
  • The late Michael Edwards - Child Sponsor (2012)
  • David Whitehead - Generous Donation (2012)
  • Francesca Bedford - 10th Birthday Party Fundraiser (2012)
  • Kelly Roberts and Tania Gulliford - Child Sponsor (2012)
  • Jayne Murphy - Generous Donations (2012)
  • Keith Hicks - Generous Donations (2012)
  • Ben Spencer - Generous Donations (2012)
  • Maz Weineck - Generous Donations (2012)
  • Matt Jennison - Dubia Marathon (2012)
  • Paris Adeoye - Sponsored Headshave (2012)
  • Bettina Otterbeck - Child Sponsor (2012)
  • Stephen Patterson - Child Sponsor (2012)
  • Slade Lamey - SOS Africa video producer/Child Sponsor (2012)
  • Cathy O'Donnell - Child Sponsor (2012)
  • Coley Charitable Trust - Generous Donation (2012)
  • Mike Walsh - Kind Donation (2012)
  • Helena Snyman - SOS Africa's official photographer (2011/12)
  • Invesco Perpetual - Kind Donation (2011)
  • Xavier Titley - SOS Africa Christmas Card Designer (2011)
  • Maz Weineck and Clarks, Basingstoke Team - fundraiser (2011)
  • Carmen Steinke and Portsmouth Uni International Students - Fundraiser (2011)
  • St James the Greater Church, Devon - Generous Donation (2011)
  • Isabella Oliver - Generous Donations (2011)
  • Akash and Print Southsea ( - Printing Support (2011 - present)
  • Camp Kerala - Generous Donations (2011)
  • David Jameson - Bristol Half Marathon (2011)
  • The late Alan James Koch - Substantial donations to SOS Africa Shop (2011)
  • Matthew Davies - Swondonia Half Marathon (2011)
  • Tan Barker - Sponsored Head Shave (2011)
  • Gustavo Sacchetti - Child Sponsor (2011 - present)
  • Fran Wheelan and the Shepton Mallet Journal:
  • Hannah-Jane Taskis - Providing valuable support to SOS Africa UK Team
  • Martin Dix and his Welsh Baccalaureate Students from Gower College, Swansea - College Fundraiser (2011)
  • Luke Young (Swansea SU President) - Assistance with the 2011 Cardiff Half Marathon
  • Eileen Power and the attendees of the 'Lent Lunch' fundraiser, Bruton (2011)
  • Warren Collocott - Generous Donation (2011)
  • Ashley Meredith - Child Sponsor (2011 - present)
  • Andy Hall and York St John Rowing Club - Child Sponsor (2010-11)
  • Jody Schoultz - 'In Search of an African Sunset' fundraiser (2010-11)
  • Ashley DeSafrin/Nick Swan - Child Sponsor (2010 - present)
  • Rawcliffe School - School Fundraiser (2010)
  • Alexander Kaus - Sahara 250km Marathon (2010)
  • Russell Holloway - 50th Birthday Donations (2010)
  • The late Michael Toland - Generous Donation (2010)
  • Ed Briggs - Child Sponsor (2011 - present)
  • Andrew Bonner, Rich Telfer and the staff of RBS, Bristol - Raffle fundraiser (2010)
  • The residents of Henton and Bleadney - SOS Africa fundraiser supper (Aug 2010)
  • Alastair Beal, Robert Beal, Darrell Warren - Lands End to John O'groat's Cycle (2010)
  • Steffi Silveri and Rachel White - Bake Sale (2010)
  • Martin Pearce - Sponsored by students to wear a crazy hat whilst lecturing (2010)
  • Tia Kharrat - Sponsored hair dye (2010)
  • Abdi El Mokhtari - Sponsored hair grow (2010)
  • Armgard Eichhoff - A series of sponsored sporting events (2010)
  • Roscoe Friend, Nick Albertini and Daniel Crowson - Lanka Challenge (2009)
  • Linda Newman - London Marathon (2009)
  • Steve Nash - London Marathon (2009)
  • Chris Stock and Olivia Searle - Mazda Blenheim Triathlon and London Marathon (2009)
  • Nilay Sanghrajka - Sponsored silence
  • Natalie Mills - British 10k London Run (2009)
  • Rory Bedford - 10th Birthday Party donations (2008)
  • Emma Watts - 2008 SOS Africa Christmas Cards
  • Stephen Patterson - Reading Half Marathon (2008)
  • Kirsten Pistor - Berlin Marathon (2008)
  • Geoffrey Spence - British 10k London Run (2008)
  • Joseph Edwards - High Wycombe Half Marathon (2008)
  • Debi Alper - London Marathon (2008)
  • Katharine Stott - Liverpool Half Marathon (2008)
  • Ann Gomar - Donations in memory of the late Mrs Rita Cressy (2007)
  • Malcolm Pinto - Sponsored head shave (2007)
  • Christopher Anders - Amsterdam Marathon (2007)
  • Eric Greenwood - Birthday donation (2007)
  • Carrie-Ann Rathbone (2007)
  • Andrew Reynolds - John O'groats to Lands End Cycle (2006)
  • Marilyn Thorsteinsson - Child sponsor (2005 - present)
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