The SOS Africa Charity Children's Blogs

One of the strengths of the SOS Africa Charity has always been its personal approach to fundraising and child sponsorship; as we continue to grow, we are aware of the dangers of becoming a business-like, impersonal organisation, which fails to show sponsors exactly how their money is making an impact. To avoid this, we have always promised our donors and fundraisers regular feedback from the children they enable us to support.

The SOS Africa Mafikeng Children's Blog


We recently asked the SOS Africa children if there is anything they would like to send their sponsors on a regular basis. They suggested that they could write stories and draw pictures to share their everyday school experiences with the people who have made them possible. We then realised that rather than send these articles and drawings by email, why not set up an online Blog where our children can post their articles and drawings every day. Since the opening of SOS Africa’s very own aftercare centre, this process would be made a lot easier as our children now have access to a computer each afternoon. This will enable them to regularly check their blog and read the comments written by you, their supporters. 

We hope you like this new feature and the SOS Africa children look forward to reading your responses to their updates.

 If you like their new Blog and are interested in becoming more involved in the sponsorship of an SOS Africa child, feel free to view our ‘Sponsor a Child’ section or ‘Contact Us’ for further information.