Past Charity Fundraising Events

From ‘Master bake offs’ to Everest Climbs, over the past 12 years kind hearted individuals from across the globe have participated in personal and team fundraising challenges with one common purpose in mind; to give deserving children in Africa the hope of a better future. If you are considering following in their footsteps and organising a charity event to raise funds for our African Charity, but need some inspiration to help create your challenge, have a look through some of the incredible fundraising feats achieved by our supporters in recent years…

Recent Charity Fundraising Events 

SOS Africa Swansea Civic Centre Christmas Abseil Fundraising Event

Swansea Civic Centre Christmas Abseil

Last Christmas SOS Africa organised a festive abseil fundraising event from Swansea's Civic Centre Building. From “The Pigs in Blankets” to “The Rockin Robins,” throughout the two day event, teams from councils, universities, schools and businesses dressed in festive costumes, ranging from full Christmas roast dinners (sprouts included) to giant parking tickets abseiled from the 120ft council building (the height of 52 sheep) to raise invaluable funds for two worthy African education charities.

Abseil from Glastonbury Festival's Pyramid Stage for SOS AfricaGlastonbury Festival Pyramid Stage Abseil

During an action-packed weekend at Worthy Farm last September, SOS Africa hosted its most successful fundraising event to date. Throughout the two day event 300 festival lovers from across the UK free-fall abseiled from Glastonbury Festival’s world famous Pyramid Stage dressed as their favourite music acts and raised an incredible £40,000 for the SOS Africa Charity. The funds raised at the event will be used to build SOS Africa's first Aftercare Centre in South Africa.

SOS Africa New Years Eve Party 2013'Out of Africa' New Years Eve Party

In December 2013 local African charities from Frome and Shepton Mallet combined forces to host a truly memorable New Year’s Eve Party. SOS Africa and Mama Upendo’s Children’s Trust teamed up to host an African themed party for all the family at The Cheese and Grain, Frome. The evening was brimming with upbeat music, delicious food and great company.

SOS Africa's 100m Cranmore Tower Zip Wire ChallengeSOS Africa's Cranmore Tower Zip Wire Challenge

From the 'Zipping Zebras' to the 'Bam Bootie Warriors,' for the first time ever, across two action-packed weekends in September 2013, 300 brave individuals from the Mendips and beyond successfully zip wired from the historic Cranmore Tower to raise invaluable funds for Shepton Mallet’s own SOS Africa Charity and other local causes. The participants ranged from the ages of 8 to 80 and formed African themed teams from businesses, charities, schools and groups of friends from across the region!

Recent Independent Fundraising Events

Patryk Koscuik and his team complete the Round the Island Race for SOS AfricaPatryk Koscuik's "Round the Island Race"

In July 2014, Patryk Koscuik entered SOS Africa's first ever boat into the "Round the Island Race" to raise funds for the SOS Africa Children. The one-day yacht race around the Isle of Wight, an island situated off the south coast of England, regularly attracts over 1,700 boats and around 16,000 sailors, making it one of the largest yacht races in the world.

Former South Africa Womens International Footballer and Manager Lydia Monyepao Runs the Comrades for SOS AfricaLydia Monyepao Completes the Comrades Marathon

In June 2014, former South Africa Women’s International Footballer and Manager Lydia Monyepao ran her first ever Comrades Marathon (the Ultimate Human Race)....89,9km of sheer, gruesome pain! Her efforts were not wasted though - she raised invaluable funds for SOS Africa and realised her dream of empowering a young girl from the South African townships through education.

Brendan Law's Charity Poker Tournament for SOS AfricaBrendan Law's Charity Poker Tournament

In April 2014, Brendan Law and his colleagues raised a fantastic £1,200 for SOS Africa by organising charity poker tournament in Canary Wharf, London. The money raised at the event enabled SOS Africa to fund the education of two more children in January 2015.

John Nolan's Full Body Wax for SOS AfricaJohn Nolan's Full Body Wax for SOS Africa

In September 2013, SOS Africa fundraiser John Nolan endured an extremely painful full body wax for SOS Africa. Known to many as "The Werewolf" John's substantial amount of hair was matched by an incredible amount of courage and determination. After the final hair was removed, John raised an incredible £2,500 for two different charities. 

Rosie Hague Climbs Mount Kilimanjaro for SOS AfricaRosie Hague Climbs Mount Kilimanjaro for SOS Africa

In September 2013, Rosie Hague fulfilled one of her greatest ambitions and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for SOS Africa. As well as conquering this formidable challenge, with the help of her generous friends and family, Rosie also raised £750 - enough funds to pay for the education and care of an SOS Africa child for a whole year!

Claudia's Kayak Around Maurtius for SOS AfricaClaudia's Kayak Around Mauritius for SOS Africa

During her architecture placement abroad, SOS Africa's very own Claudia Titley decided to take on one of the most challenging feats ever achieved by an SOS Africa fundraiser. Claudia decided to circumnavigate the entire island of Mauritius in a Kayak in just 8 days. With the assistance of Kayaking expert Patrick Haberland from ‘Yemaya Adventures,’ Claudia successfully completed her challenge and raised an incredible £1800.

Climbing Mount Everest for SOS AfricaAndrew French Climbs Mount Everest for SOS Africa

In December 2011 Andrew French dedicated one of his ‘adventures’ to walking higher than Base Camp Everest and taking a series of incredible photos to help publicise and raise funds for the SOS Africa Charity: “I have had the privilege of meeting the SOS Africa children, and with your help these beautiful children can have a bright future.”

Matthew Davies Runs the Snowdonia Half Marathon for SOS AfricaMatthew Davies Runs the Snowdonia Half Marathon

In 2011 Matthew Davies completed one of the toughest road races in Europe to raise funds for the SOS Africa children. He has since organised numerous fundraising challenges and carried the Olympic Torch in recognition of his support of SOS Africa in 2012: "As soon as I signed up to raise money for SOS Africa I felt like I became part of the SOS Africa community; they made me feel like my contribution was genuinely very important to them."

 Tanya Barker - Shaved her head for SOS Africa

      Tan Barker's Sponsored Head shave

In 2011 Tan Barker shaved her head to raise funds for the SOS Africa children: “I chose to fundraise for SOS Africa because the money goes directly to the cause and not into marketing or CEO's salaries... I loved making people aware of the work SOS Africa does, you'll be surprised how many people are unaware of the cost of education and how much it is needed.”

 SOS Africa Cardiff Half Marathon Teams

 Laura Cairns completed the Cardiff Half Marathon for SOS Africa in 2010   Louisa was part of SOS Africa's Record Breaking 2011 Cardiff Half Marathon Team   Adam has completed 4 Cardiff Half Marathons for SOS Africa and has raised more than £1200 for the charity 

Soon after the SOS Africa Charity was founded, students from Swansea and Cardiff Universities formed fundraising teams to participate in Cardiff's annual half marathon event and raised funds for SOS Africa.  Adam Rees, Louisa Pagano and Laura Cairns were some of the many hundreds of runners involved from 2005 - 2011:

“It was when I started looking into the charity I’d be raising money for that I realised what a great opportunity this was to do something great for myself and extraordinary for those who had no access to something that I took for granted: education... I also can’t think of any other charity that reveals the results of your fundraising in such a personal and gratifying way.” Adam Rees (Cardiff Half Marathons 2006, 08, 09, 10)

“I chose to raise money for SOS Africa as the charity does such good work for children who are not as privileged as we are in the UK… An education equals opportunities for these African children, and being part of the SOS Africa Cardiff Half Marathon team in 2011 was such an honour.” Louisa Pagano (Cardiff Half Marathon 2011)

“SOS Africa's work and vision inspired me to get involved and help in any way I could… The support that was offered by fellow fundraisers and by the SOS Africa representatives at the event was amazing. I would encourage anyone to join in and support this worthy charity!” Laura Cairns (Cardiff Half Marathon 2010

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